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  1. Saw this a bit late. You can have a full invent of potions and fill yak with secondaries. But i like to do 20 pots + 8 secondaries, then put 10 herbs in yak and alternate potion/secondary to fill the rest. It may need some tweaking to what u prefer, also remember that u sometimes save secondaries. That's why I would only put 10 herbs in yak at the start. For ovls u just put 5 of each extreme and 3 torstols. Then start your yak/mammoth with 2 herbs and fill the rest with ovl sets (1 of each extreme+torstol and repeat). With mammoth you can make 10 ovls/invent instead of 9. The game recognises the materials in your yak (for make x), but will only make things with materials from your invent. So keep withdrawing. Ingame name is 'gwn3' for further questions
  2. You can now also put extremes in your yak. This way you can make up to 9 ovls/invent. Set empty vials to be destroyed for this to work (misc settings). The progress bar counts for potion in your yak as well. The same thing applies for extremes with non stackable secondaries, put some extra supers and secondaries in a yak and keep withdrawing. extra tip: set ur left click familiar option to 'take bob' and drag the familiar icon onto the action bar. Set the hotkey for the actionbar to the same hotkey for your preset ('1' or '2'). If you have a customisable gaming mouse you can set a mousekey to that same hotkey. Doing this at a decent efficiency: 2900 extremes/h (doesnt matter if secondaries stack or not) 2k+ ovls/h Refer a friend doubles to 20% on dxpw
  3. Just wanted to post that I still read the forums and been around for a while. I never really posted much though.
  4. Fishing: As Arceus said, capping the beach fishing spot is currently the best xp. Afk fishing is rocktails at a lower xp gain, unless u use skillchompas at a substantial cost. Barb fishing is good xp and afk if u have the shark outfit. If u can wait a bit longer, waterfall fishing at elf city is coming next month(?) with the seren quest. Will probably be the best xp ingame while afking. Defence: If u want to make money, glacors, but cant afk those at all sadly. To totally afk at a small cost, abyss with ancient magics (currently around 1gp/xp?). There must be some guides on youtube. No money gained, but completely afk and very good xp/h.
  5. Ba agi/mining/fm. All good bxp/h, if doing it with good teams Sc. For fishing and woodcutting 50/50 heist isnt too bad for hunter. At least less click intensive.
  6. The improvements for 2h melee abilties are in beta, so we should get them relatively soon. And as said before, chaotic spear is a must if u plan on solo corp in the future.
  7. C2 fishing would definately be better if you also train wc there. If not I would just stick to BAF, because the extra effort at c2 isnt worth it. That said, crimson chins at rocktails is better than BAF, but comes at a cost.
  8. Juju farm pot does give extra herbs and they do count towards 125 cap
  9. I want tot add that this is only the case when using dbane bolts
  10. I'll give it a shot. First of all I wanna say that everyone has a certain way they like more, but I'll list some common methods. Xp/h are all guesstimates. Starting with slayer: probably the most controversial one. This isn't the fastest slay xp/h, but its the most efficient if you take into account combat xp. Slayer (250k/h): Edimmu (melee), celestial (range), airuts (melee), dark beasts (melee + cannon). Put these on prefer, use VIP tickets (from cfpb) and skip all other tasks. Stre/att (350-500k/h): Melee as many slayer tasks as you can. Finish with either wfs, airuts (with slave/s), fight cauldron or gwd bosses. Magic/def (600-700k/h): Barrage in the abbys or glacors if you need money (glacors can be done with slayer aswell) Range (500-700k/h): Xp from celestial tasks. Finish with chins in the abbys, armadyll for money. Prayer (1m+/h): In theory cleansing crystals at elf city (spam clicking so you only get initial xp, almost impossible cuz of buy limit and cost), frost bones/searing ashes at POH Cooking (450k-1m/h): Rocktail cooking (3 or 4 ticks), wines Woodcuting (120-400k/h): divine yews daily, crystal trees (/with skillchompas), c2 dung Fletching (300k/h): Broad arrows Fishing (120-150k/h): C2 dung, rocktails (with skillchompas), barb fishing Firemaking (300-800k/h): Ideally book of char daily, alternatives: line firemaking > bonfire elders > jadinko lair > bonfire magics Crafting(400-800k/h): Air battlestaves or dragonstone cutting Smithing (300-500k/h): R2h swords at portable forge, artisans workshop: addy swords or addy iii burial armour Mining(200k-?/h): Warbands, seren stones Herblore (1m/h): Overloads from scratch Agility (infinite xp/h): Lol shb Thieving (400k/h): Elf city or dwarf traders Farming (250-300k/day): Tree runs Runecrafting (120-150k/h): Daily challenges should always be rc, using ethereal outfit to teleport to yellow wizard, use all bxp/lamps on this skill Hunter (350-450k/h): Big chinchompa + private grenwalls > draconic jadinkos Construction (1m+/h): Statues monthly, Prawn Broker/mahogany logs Summoning (A LOT/h): Taverly shop method, amlodd VOS Dung (400k-2m/h): Sinkholes are enough to finish it, extra: daily challenge, rush floors Divination (100-800k/h): Guthixian Cache + using the boost after cache if u need faster xp. Normal divination with light creatures (bleh) Extras: Use skill outfits, Avatar boosts when available, RAF boost if u have the money/friends, brawlers help a lot, dailyscape, special weekends (aka artisans weekend, etc.) Bxp: BA for agility and maybe firemaking and mining, SC for fishing (always) and woodcutting (crystal trees and c2) A lot of it is open for discussion, but it should give a general idea. Good luck
  11. Hey, Get to lvl 96 summon (for Yak) so you can bring more food and bank valuable items. You can boost your herblore level from 92 to make overloads with spicy stews or at lvl 94 with the god banner. If you have enough money for 96 go for it ofcourse! Having both of these will significantly improve your trips, yak is good for some emergency food when still learning how to kill sara. Overload is invaluable everywhere. extra tip: The enlightenment aura comes in 38 days, which can help you train some 'buyable' skills. (http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Enlightenment_aura) Good luck at Saradomin!
  12. The defence on superior void still isnt that great. But defence doesnt matter for typeless damage. Thats why it is good at rots and kk, also as wkw said vorago and nex when in dps role. I would recommend a decent amount of experience in these bosses first. For solo bosses, any low lvl Boss when pet hunting: kbd, kq, Mole, dks, ... If you are experienced also useable at qbd. Dont use it at raxxor and gwd bosses.
  13. Hey, you can charge the Spring Cleaner with (max 500) springs. These are bought from the GE or won from TH. When charged the spring cleaner can 'break' items dropped by monsters. You either get some xp or the raw materials from the item, which get send to your bank directly. You will want to use dismantle mode, because researh mode gives just a tiny amount of xp while the item is worth quite a bit more. You can configure the spring cleaner to tell which items it may break. The most usefull is to break addy/rune items and they work great at slayer tasks where you get tons of rune drops. Instead of getting the drop it will be broken into the raw ores (rune/addy + coal). This is usually worth more than selling the item AND you dont have to bank it yourself.
  14. If you have a full inventory the scrolls will drop to the floor. So be carefull!
  15. Highest xp tasks/prefer list: these tasks give the highest slayer xp rates, beware that the rates are different for everyone. These should all be 220k+/h. Shadow creatures (unsure, for me 300k+) Elves (unsure about the best method, but for me 270k+) Airut (240-300k) Kal'gerian demons (240k+) Celestials dragons (230k+) Muspah (225k+) Abyssal demons (220k+) Glacors (experience with killing these matters a LOT) (ganos, if the time getting there wasnt so long... without running 220k+) Block list: make a list of all tasks you will skip and chose the tasks with the highest weighting (saru has put the weight-list above) skip list: (in bolt is on my block list aka highest weighting) Ascension members (not even 100k/h) Grotworms (120k/h) Nechryael (160k/h) Steel dragons (130k/h) TzHaar (really?) Gargoyles (145k/h) Mutated jadinko (100k/h) Ice strykewyrms (155k/h) Mithril dragons (120k/h) Desert strykewyrms (100k/h) Iron dragons (100k/h Vyrewatch (less than 100?) Kalphites (only good if you outdps kk mass) These should be toggled off Tormented demons (toggle off) Nihil (toggle off) Aquanites (toggle off) To do or not to do, that is the question Greater demons Weight: 11, only if you like zammy boss (140k/h) otherwise block list Dagannoth Weight: 10, only if you like DKS (110k/h) otherwise block list Black demons Weight: 10, do this task with cannon and darklight (180k+/h) Edimmus Weight: 10, atm not very good xp but is bound to change Aviansie Weight: 9, if you like arma boss (xp/h varies a lot, general 180k/h) Waterfiends Weight: 9, do this task for charms and overal xp (175k/h) Automatons Weight: 8, do this task (170k/h with range) Black dragons Weight: 5, only if QBD (47k/h, depends on how skilled you are) otherwise just skip
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