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  1. look on a brighter side, its a good thing they didnt also kill your skiller account by fighting some monsters.
  2. If you dont mind talking to the cart guy(instead of using the quick pay method), you only need to bring 10 gold. and he will only charge you 10 gold. (though it may be 12 gold, im not p2p right now, so some1 will have to check that)
  3. I believe you're correct. Sounds familiar from an update on the news page.
  4. Youre able to recharge your prayer points on the altar in the room?
  5. Just a comment about the money saving aspects of the cave method. The difference between the bow and shield costs is 450,000. You say that you used 108 to degrade a shield entirely. At 800gp each, thats 86.4k/ shield recharge. multiply that by the 5 recharges to get to the lowest amount, and thats spending approx 432k. Only saving 18k So unless someone is using cheeper food (like you have mentioned), then it may not be worth it, and would be better to just recharge as a bow and use the bows power to lvl range. An alternative to do it completly free would be to have your respawn point in lumbridge, only wear your shield, let yourself die, and then just take the 30 seconds to run back into the caves and do it again. (although i think there is about 20-30 seconds before the bugs start to attack you.) if you want to keep your respawn point in falador, you can also use the same method in the mole's lair.
  6. I think it is a good idea once more things become added and space becomes more valuable. On a 1280X1024 resolution, all menu items are currently visible. To cater to the newer players though, all the menus should start off expanded, and then the user can collapse the menus that they do not use as often. (What is collapsed/expanded would be remembered by cookies or AJAX, similar to how the quest DB is saved.) Also turning the menus into collapseable menus, would not change much of anything compared to how they are now. If you want to see everything still, just keep the menus expanded. Win/Win both way.
  7. Level 92 Using the poison and hide between dummies methods makes this quite an easy fight (at least compared to fighting them head on). used nezinot helm, full rune, whip/dds. 3 restores, and about 20 sharks.
  8. pretty neat stuff, though i dont barrow much, im bookmarking this.
  9. I was wondering the same about the gp, would the T be trilion? i thought the mas was like 2.3 billion, some limit in the java code.
  10. Hummm... Never though of that. I dont think so though, if im assuming how MTk works correctly. Based on the days that the money has been in coffiers, even if you dont play those days, the workers still work. But if that isn't the case, then I have nothing to worry about. Thanks for bringing it up. ill ask it on official forums or query customer support.
  11. Well I know that its best to keep it at 100%, but im quitting members till after xmas. The point of this is to leave it in, beacuse I will collect maples and flax in the end, for the nests. Based on rough calculations, I will have still have made a profit from day 1-50, after about that it all depends on the bonuses I get. The main point is if it does not go below 25%, then there is a better chance to come out with still a profit. That is what I am asking to know. Calculations: At 25%, taking 75k from coffiers is 0.25*75000=18750gp used. thats a direct loss of 56,250gp, but with that on maples with 10 workers its 12500gp used to collect. with maples collected at 51.6gp each, thats 223 maples per day. plus 2.25 nests. 22300gp + nests and contents is roughly 30k. flax workers spend 6250, and gets 156.25 flax per day, and 0.26 nests per day. so thats 15.6k total is 45.6k in items not counting the seeds from the nests. this is loosing about 20k a day. so for 50 days, thats a loss of 1m, but for day 1 to about 50, ive made about 2.23m profit( calculated at average of 75% approval) 75000*0.75=56250 37500(maples)/51.6per maple=727maples=72700gp+ 7 nests 18750gp(flax)/40=469flax=46900+0.7nests total made for spending 75000gp is about 119000gp, for a profit of 44600gp multiply this by 50 days and thats a profit of 2.23m NOTE: i know they only take out 10% of coffiers, and that its not 75k everyday, but its an example to stay constant with them taking out 75k for the 25% rating. Hope some of this made sence. ALSO with this many nests being recieved (about 510 nests for 100 days) i could possibly conclude %chances to get what seeds. ONLY need to get 16 magic seeds and i made up my loss for it being at 25%.:D
  12. On the tipit guide it says Here is what I am planning; Going to put 7.5m in coffiers with 100% rating and leave members for about 100 days. According to the guide after 75 days the rating will be at 25%. Will it stay at 25% and not go any lower for the remaining 25 days. If anyone who hasent used their kingdom (or killed or stolen from the subjects) can check their rating and post if its at 25, would be a great help. Or any other info that you think will help me. Thanks in advance :D SOME CALCULATIONS ON POST 3
  13. Spent about 735,000gp. Important Valued Items 802,200gp of maples 561,500gp of flax 80 nests, One with an egg (120k) 1 ranarr seed (20k) 1 Spirit 1 Magic (160k) 4 Yews (240k) TOTAL:1,903,700gp Made 1,168,700gp not counting all the other tree seeds I recieved. First time I ever did kingdom and I got a sprit seed, cool.
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