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  1. Well done fellow Gladz, and good fight 2M4U. I wish I could've been there.
  2. So legitimate players have to suffer? If this keeps up, the one on one Bounty Hunter won't have any PKers to be enjoyed by... You'd think you would've learned this by now.
  3. Drop by Gladz boards. http://www.thegladiatorz.com
  4. This is on the "don't suggest this"-list on RuneScape official forums for a reason.
  5. Ideed. You did say "a dream" though. :P
  6. Ignorant. If I go by your definition and say a dream being something "your mind makes come to life", then I'll say it's an image the brain automatically creates from random thoughts occurring while you sleep as the brain processes them. That doesn't mean you'd have to be addicted to something to dream about it. If I played RuneScape that day, or even once in three weeks, my brain is perfectly capable to dream about it without me being addicted. Also, I hardly log on anymore, so I'm not addicted (and probably never were).
  7. It USED to be Walk - Trade - Follow as displayed, then a while ago Jagex changed it for some unknown reason. I'm pretty sure it was before 3rd Age armour and Skill Capes were released though.
  8. First of all, endless amount of games far worse than RuneScape is advertised despite being unsuitable for children and just as easily accessible and appealing as RuneScape. What's so bad about RuneScape if the parent always sits at the child's side and actively monitors him/her? When the adult doesn't have time anymore, any adult should be able to block sites like RuneScape well enough to outwit their 5-6 year old if they really wanted to.
  9. [citation needed] Please, please, for the love of all that is sane in this world, go read pages ONE and TWO of this thread. I did before I posted my first post. I wanted more information about the book in question before I saw it as 'definite proof', which Qeltar provided after I posted. I still want to know if the age recommendation was set by Jagex themselves or by Scholastic Educational Material. (Yes, this matters. ) Also, children under 13 are allowed to play if they play with a parent, and since Jagex consider their game to be "educational" they might very well be advertising this without hypocrisy... technically at least. For all you know he could be both reading the book and playing with his parents though. Proven, time and again on this thread alone. PLEASE, go read it. I read it already! Stop telling me to please go read things! Providing better tools for people to help their children would not in any way detract from their business. Indeed, I believe it would only help them, by the very least, showing they care enough. (whether they actually do or not is another matter :roll: ) I agree with that as I stated. This is the new compliance with the American COPPA act, already covered, in detail on first two pages of this thread. PLEASE read it :wall: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: Just elaborating on that (because of me wording it very poorly). I believed the rule went something like "Anyone under the age of 13 can still play with their parents approval" and made arguments out of that, then afterwards I read the information I quoted and it turned out the rule wasn't like that all.
  10. Despite your whiny way to express it, I somewhat agree with you. Jagex are making way too many (in my opinion) worthless updates just to get one done a week, instead of working on the interesting ones and those who actually improves gameplay. However, this is what the majority of the players wanted them to. :roll:
  11. Thousand of sites provide free games both easier to access than RuneScape and a lot more violent. Plus, this is one of the main reasons so many people above the age of 13 play RuneScape in the first place. I fail to understand why Jagex should have to go out of their way to educate librarians about their game. Most companies with products for 13 year olds and older don't. More than other MMORPGs? Because it has bad graphics and is simple? I don't agree. [citation needed] I agree with you. I think the point I'm trying to make is if Jagex actually is promoting their game to children and still claim a "only 13+"-policy, then you are completely correct in everything. However, I've yet to see something else than just baseless assumptions. I understand your points and to a certain degree I agree with you. Jagex should provide better tools for parents to monitor, but not hurt their business plan by making the game less accessible. And I certainly don't believe that they're purposely speculating in having children play a game that's not suitable for them. Edit: I mistook someone here for accurately citing the 13+ rule, which means some of my arguments were considerably weakened. Currently, it reads:
  12. Incredibly, people seem to entirely miss the point of the article. As the author of it already pointed a painful amount of times: Yes, there's a 13+ rule to create a new account, but: 1) It's (apparently) very recent, [For the record, do you know the date it was added?] which means children that was under 13 years of age at the time the rule was added (and still are) already have accounts. 2) People under 13 can still play, they just need the "approval" of a guardian. 3) Most importantly, Jagex continues to advertise this as a children's game with people under 13 as the target age. Now, I haven't really seen Jagex advertising their game to small children specifically. (Maybe aside from that handbook, but then again I wouldn't know whether the age recommendation is set by the people working at that website or Jagex themselves.) Even so, articles like these are in my opinion stupidly over-protective. I agree with the hypocrisy pointed out, but when you claim gaming aspects like killing NPCs, thieving (lol) and merchanting for money is hurtful for children it's just ghost-seeing. Yes, some parts of the community is indeed horrible now and should probably be addressed better, but Jagex does not sit still and do nothing (well...arguably). However, children today are more robust than you'd think (Funnily enough, Lord British talked about the ability of today's children like they were the reincarnation of Jesus himself, yet deems them incapable of handling a simple online-community without coming out wretched and ready for a mental institute), and for those who are not I really do believe it's mostly the parents responsibility. As I said, Jagex shields them somewhat. The rest is up to the parents to understand their own children's personal needs. (Lord British also comments that we're not living in a "black and white" ideal world. Well, then lets not teach children that we are.)
  13. Thanks for sharing, old schooler. I'm so glad we have people like you around here to tell us how it was those days.
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