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  1. from Hong Kong Living in Hong Kong HK is a city of China
  2. Yes, Jagex is so stubborn and they won't consider any suggestions
  3. hit points as it takes lots of time to rise
  4. Drop parties always happen to be in midnight like 3 or 4am :x
  5. Very nice idea, but this is not much use in f2p since it only provides 1 page
  6. 1. Some short quests which include some mini games to keep the game interesting 2. 2 rows of bank space 3. More rocks in the mining guild 4 Stop decreasing f2p area by placing p2p only features, like the dig site, duel arena 5 More yews
  7. I am combat 86 and I still haven't got the mime event yet. I always met those damn f***ing dwarfs and old men who gave you a couple of coins, if jagex allows players to kill them, I won't be so mad about it :twisted:
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