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  1. I thought that this video was pretty informative: Desert Treasure For Pures
  2. If you find a Runescape skill that you actually enjoy doing, you should by all means pursue it whether it is the quickest money maker or not. While glancing over this thread, I see posts from people claiming that farming is not a quick way of gaining herbs. I guess if your goal is to powerlevel, then that might be true, but I never thought it was that bad. Buy ranaar seeds for 25k ea. They usually sell for 30k, but be a cheapy, people will sell. If you plant ranaar seeds at all 4 (I think there might be 5 now) herb patches and average 6 herbs per patch, then you can end up with 30 ranaar per growth cycle. Be sure to use magic secateurs to get more herbs and also grow limpwurts and watermelons for seconds / cash. Collect your own snape grass and you'll make 800k per 100 prayer potions you sell (it's been a while since I've played and I'm not sure what prayer pots sell for these days). Kill chaos druids and merchant seeds while you are waiting for your crops to grow. I know this thread is supposed to be about herblore, but if you want to actually make money with herblore you should consider pairing it with farming (which I happen to enjoy a lot). Edit : Just looked at the amount of money you want to make. 52 mil.. Yeesh.. That's a lot of dough and would indeed take forever to make using farming / herblore. That 3rd age range armour is ugly anyways. :)
  3. There may be players with better stats, but of all the tip.it posters, I've learned the most from Leesters. The guy makes great guides and I've seen him volunteer his services (helping less experienced players) on numerous occasions.
  4. When I got my rune defender, I earned my tokens by animating mithril amour and then killing it over and over. If I remember correctly, you need a mithril full helm, a mithril plate body, and mithril legs.
  5. Buy half keys for 25k ea to get dstones.
  6. qopitar

    Frog Land

    I always thought that Jagex should create a "frog vending machine" where you can use your frog tokens to buy various items.
  7. I used to write down santa hat prices from time to time, for what it's worth, this is what I have (I even left the comments in, no flaming please.. :)): 06/15/06 : 11.1 mil (prices dipped due to addition of construction skill) 08/15/06 : 20.0 mil 08/24/06 : 22.5 mil 08/28/06 : 25.6 mil (santas skyrocket on news of cursed_you ban) 08/30/06 : 26 mil (it'll be interesting to see if we see a slight dip as the cursed_you news gets old) 08/31/06 : 25 mil (suprise, suprise) 09/05/06 : 25.75 mil 09/07/06 : 25.5 mil 09/12/06 : 25.4 mil 09/15/06 : 25.4 mil 09/20/06 : 25.25 mil 09/22/06 : 25.5 mil 09/26/06 : 30 mil! (what happened?!?) 10/02/06 : 27.5 mil 10/12/06 : 25.8 mil (I'm guessing they will start going back up shortly) 10/23/06 : 26.3 mil (I guess I was wrong.. :)) 11/13/06 : 22 mil (I thought rares would take a hit when the lvl 99 capes came out. It didn't happen immediately, but I'd guess this is the delayed reaction to the release) I see people selling santas on the RS forums for ~ 20 mil right now.
  8. Search google using these keywords: runescape unid buying You will very quickly discover how to *not* buy a bunch of unid guams.
  9. I made energy potions until I hit level 38. Harralanders are cheap to buy (I think I payed 1k ea for them when I did it, prices might not be favorable anymore tho..) and you can buy tons of chocolate in the gnome stronghold. Buy your water filled vials from the shop in Ardougne. At level 38 make prayer potions. Buy ranaar weeds and seeds (if you can grow them) and collect your own snape grass. You can actually make some money doing this. If herb prices have risen and I am not aware of it, level farming and grow your own.
  10. Well, the fact that they have been changed so that they only hit a max of 9 enemies at a time means that you won't be earning as much exp per chin as you once could. I'm guessing, however, that the price of chins has gone down to reflect this. I personally haven't tried this, only watched the video like you.. :) I think the best thing to do is to buy some chins, but not a ton, give it a shot, and then determine if the cost is worth the experience.
  11. Search youtube for "insane range" and the first video in the results should be a video that shows a guy using chins on the skeleton moneys on ape atoll. I'd link to the video directly, but I'm not sure if that's ok to do, let me know if you have trouble finding it. The guy who posted the video claims that you can earn 220k to 300k range exp per hour. From what I understand, the chins used to hit an unlimited number of enemies in the area, but Jagex recently changed them to hit a max of 9 enemies. That said, I'm not sure if chins are still worth it. I understand your desire to get to 70 quickly (ranging fire giants is not quick) so if it's not a bother, I'd love to hear the results of whatever you end up doing (cannon or chins).
  12. There is a "square obstacle" in the middle of the room where the demon is. When I fought him, I just ran until he got caught on one of the edges of the square. Once he was caught, I ranged him to death with my crystal bow. I don't remember getting hit once.
  13. I used to level smithing by soloing the blast furnace and making a combination of steel and mith arrowheads as well as steel plates. By doing this, you can manage to not lose money. Making gold bars using the goldsmithing gauntlets is extremely fast, but gold ore is very expensive while gold bars sell for almost nothing. You can offset the loss by buying gold ore on f2p worlds and then using your bars to make rings of dueling and forging and then selling those on p2p worlds. I found making cannonballs to be very slow.
  14. So true. I can't tell you how many times I've typed up a lengthy response to a "what to merchant?" question only to erase it before posting. If the goal of a good merchant is to make as much money as quickly as possible, why would he give away his secrets and tactics thus creating more competition?
  15. I know that this isn't a very exciting suggestion but I've found the cows near the crafting guild sw of Falador to be good for low level range training. They have some hps, they're easy to hit (bronze arrows work just fine), they're plentiful, they'll never hit you if you are wearing decent range gear, and not many people range there. Personally, I just left the skins so the leveling is quickest.
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