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  1. RuneScape Name: Maximus Lds I need a member of: Phoenix Gang Quest: Heroes' Quest. When I'll be on: Now and then. World/Location: Any world. How to contact me: PM me ingame, though a private message here might be more reliable. We'll schedule something. Finished
  2. The same as any other hide, since you're only running back and forth. And thanks for all the advice folks! It's of great help.
  3. Hey, I'm looking for a good way to make a profit without using skills or gaining exp AT ALL. One option was merchanting and investing, but I'm looking for something more sustainable where I can put my time to active use. I have previous experience tanning cowhides as a f2p, but now I'm a member, and I'm wondering if I should tan dragonhides or not. What I'm looking to address here, is the question of whether or not tanning dragonhides is a viable way to make profits. --On the one hand, soft leather is guaranteed to sell, and as long as the soft leather is worth more than cowhides, you're pretty much guaranteed profits. --On the other hand, Green, Blue, and Black Dragonleather have a greater profit DH is members-only, and because of that, fewer people can get it tanned. BUT, I'm doubtful as to the accuracy in pricing on the GE, and whether or not the demand is high enough that I can actually make a sale. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me? Thanks.
  4. I have registered to TRR, and will Post my app once I get permission.
  5. maxgreen1


    Master Farmers or Sorceress garden. Although, Master Farmers are a great source of high-level seeds.
  6. Cost-wise, remember that you can lend the SS for quite a bit. If you are not using it, you can just lend it for a few k. Or, you could buy one once the price dips a bit, use it, and sell it when the price goes up a little, although you run the risk of losing a few hundred thousand gp. Best option is borrow, use a whip, or zs, to be quite honest.
  7. I agree. Scimitars are the best subclass of weaponry. Of course, for members, whips and saradomin swords are even more special.
  8. Haven't been in a clan for years. Looking for a large, active clan. Active a few times a week, either skilling or in combat. Overall 1,456 Attack 80 Defence 76 Strength 78 Constitution 78 Ranged 63 Prayer 48 Magic 68 Up for any combat/skilling/dungeoneering/whatever. PM Me in game, or post here. Maximus_lds
  9. Well, I think I speak for many when I say I'm not too happy that I buy 2k eyes of newt, and end up having the price go down to 100 within 3 days. I still have 1.8k of those newt eyes in my bank... Of course I held onto a few to sell at a higher price, but the principle of the matter is that it's not very nice to meddle with prices in such a way... It's just not considerate of those of us trying to make a few extra gp, and those of us who went out of our way to pay for such high prices. If it's so expensive to buy eyes of newt, noobies will have the opportunity to run between the stores and put them on the GE... That's what I did when I was a noobie... Running stuff from stores to the bank to sell at a profit. What ever happened to that?
  10. Didn't anyone read my earlier post? When you started p2p, you agreed to this... all of it. Don't go back on your words, assuming you have honor.
  11. Well we did have to sign the Legal terms of agreement right? Technically nobodies account is even owned by them, all accounts and their items are respective properties of Jagex. If you agreed with it, live with it, If you don't agree with it, stop playing. Its that simple. I was F2P since October 2005, and I never became a member since its a waste of money in my opinion. I don't complain about taxes do I? I agreed to pay them by staying in this country, and I'd rather leave than complain about something I agreed to. Free players that support more bank space are just going back on their word from the terms of service. Its that simple. :-k
  12. "The communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling class tremble at a Communist revolution. The Proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!" -Karl Marx, at the conclusion of the Communist manifesto During the industrial revolution, a worker could have a 12-hour working day, in either an insanely hot or freezing factory production hall. Poor pay meant that expectant mothers and their children also had to work. Conditions worsened and wages were partially paid for with cheap liquor, and women were often obliged to earn money through prostitution. The customers for the products were the upper classes. The lower classes were beasts of burden, in a sense. Nowadays the conditions are improved in us 1st-world countries, and the old Marxist-Leninist views are obsolete in the new world, and must be maintained as a progressive Social Democracy, much like Western European countries. :thumbsup: The homeless should be sheltered and provided with jobs, and private business is limited to things that are not life-necessary, althought they could create privately funded research labs. Merchants are allowed to thrive, as long as the work is well compensated for. :thumbsup: The economy of the country of Jordan, for example, increased by 400% in exports recently, more than 95% through sweatshop labour making traditional dresses for richer customers. :shame: Marxist-Leninism however is the only way to improve the developing world and 3rd world countries such as Iraq, Sudan, Liberia, And Sierra Lione, where the gdp of a massive amount of people is outmatched by the few priveleged. This doesn't even have to be about money. Liberian "freedom fighters" slaughter innocents mindlessly, and must be toppled by the populous itself. The ones who suffer indeed have nothing to lose but their chains.
  13. I know, like wtf. They aren't good parents, and that kid needs to get a life. I mean im in honors and AP classes and almost failing half of them, not because im dumb or anything, its not because of runescape either. I have a social life. But before that I was super depressed. No social life, total addict on rs. Almost straight A's. I bet anyone here would rather hang out with friends than click on a screen once in a while, and if my parents didn't keep me cooped up and grounded all the time, i'd get off the computer and DO something constructive, instead of being yelled at about playing a game and getting grounded, therefore rekindling the cause of parental opression. RS is good. However you play it is your choice. If it's your parent's fault. Don't blame them, they just cant deal with us new age kids, so they ground us and confine us to options... like RS. Long live Social Democracies, Communism, Freedom, and Equality :thumbsup: Down with Grades, Homework and Borders! :thumbsup: Let people do what they want with their lives, including right to play a game! :XD:
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