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  1. I've been playing Runescape from the get-go but not on this character, which I created for RS2 and have played ever since. I don't regret making the switch and starting over as it was a necessary step at that time. However, I do regret losing my bunny ears. I also regret that I never managed to get the rubber chicken, which I'd also like to have. Any way that I can "claim" or otherwise obtain such items -- be it through doing seasonal events, "loyalty" points, or whatever -- would be worth it, as far as I am concerned.
  2. Wut? :huh: ... "roll back"? How the hell is that supposed to work?
  3. This. A thousand times, this. Sadly, what we'll prolly get is "the Artisan's cafe", Part 2 ...
  4. Frankly, I love it in the LRC, and I usually wander down there at least once a week to grab some rocktails, whenever I get enough spice to make soup. Since the bots seem to have gone on vacation, it would appear that LRC is now one of the more under-used facilities in game. I am not sure why, but I'd wager it has something to do with the "high-level" of the content combined with the annoyance of dealing with the denizens therein. It's rare that I see anyone down there anymore -- which is fine by me, because if there's a Patriarch wandering around down there, it comes right to me every time. :lol:
  5. Maybe he could just accidentally slip into a meat grinder that happens to be around during a quest. Bacon Pt 2 I see a pattern emerging here ... :unsure:
  6. Why kill Yelps at all? Why waste perfectly good resources on a character that everyone hates? Can't he just slip into the background like Jar Jar Binks, never to be heard from again?
  7. I dare to disagree, the shout fest about the old combat system being broken was rather universal, but ironically more prevalent among the same people who now want it back: those who call themselves pk-ers. It is not Jagex that changed its mind, well.. they kinda did, they caved, but you can much easier claim its the players who did after the change they asked, begged, threatened and campaigned for turned out not to be what they wanted. This is where we hit on my problem with this new 'democracy' people, players often do not know what they want and what ultimately is good for them! I think you’re mistaken in this assessment of the player-base and their feelings about the pre-EOC combat system. Anyone who could use mage or range knew the combat system was antiquated -- but if you could actually "use" mage or range, pre-EOC, then you could, at least, conduct yourself with some modicum of success, despite the imbalance of it. In P2P, using ancients, I could use a “rolling barrage” technique, auto-casting Ice Barrage, while manually casting Shadow and Blood Barrages alternately, that would allow me to decimate entire groups of players. If I had a couple of meleers close by to safeguard me against any rangers that’d show up, I was unstoppable. Otherwise, I’d eventually lose to the rangers, but not until I took out dozens of others in the process. That said, in F2P melee was boss, and there was nothing available for mage or range in F2P, to counter it. Still, there was a huge mass of players who either didn’t know or didn’t care that the combat system was antiquated or imbalanced. Hell, I know a half-dozen people who attained 99 mage and 99 range without ever casting an offensive spell or using a bow in combat, of any kind – including quest bosses. All these guys ever did was gear up in high defence (barrows) armour, equip a whip and shield, and plod headlong into melee. If they pointed and clicked on the target, occasionally eating and hitting the “special attack” button, and the resultant effect made them come out the eventual winner, then they believed themselves to be “good at the [old] combat system”. In game, right now, you can hear the chatter of a large number of players who are all complaining about how Jagex “broke” the combat system [or the game], and that they cannot or will not engage in combat because they used to be good at it but aren’t any more. Sadly, what they really want is “legacy mode” to make them “good at combat” again. The truth is, they never were any good at it.
  8. I had eleven spins last night and managed to get two (2) red-zoned items that I have been wanting for a very long time: the Archon Crest and the Warlord Tunic. I was a very happy camper! [/fashionscape] :lol:
  9. I voted for the Wilderness on this one. Really, it is one of the most interesting areas in the game and is so under utilized ...
  10. I was annoyed by all the "line dancers" -- the peeps who continually ran back and forth across the line in order to avoid dying. For my money, nothing says "elite PKer" like someone who's afraid to die during a safe event ... :rolleyes:
  11. First of all, I never said that ... :huh: "Real PKing/PVP" involves combatants who willingly risk Items while seeking out other contestants of equal skills, levels and equipment for combat. They don’t skulk through the PVP areas preying upon the weak and defenceless looking for easy kills, only to run away when confronted by someone with skills and/or equipment. They stand and fight to the death. They don't pile jump the winner until the winner has eaten. That is not to say that, in some circumstances innocent bystanders may be killed, as well, but a real PKer takes down the heavies in the area first, before chasing off the weaker players. This was precisely what we did during the last World Event. We arrived in PVP areas with our PVP icons showing. If the other side had superior numbers we engaged immediately. If the other side did not have superior numbers, we simply held off attacking and waited to see if they’d attack us first. If they got aggressive, we fought back. That is not to say that we did not have certain “kill on sight” individuals who we always attacked. But hey, if you’re going to declare that you’re going to attack me whenever you see me, then you’d better be prepared to “bring it”. FYI - if you want to learn about PVP then engage some friends in a "friendly" at the Duel Arena. Each of you should experiment and exchange information about what you used in terms of equipment and abilities. Find a series of attacks that work for you and your gear. After that, I’d suggest that you dedicate some time to “safe-combat” events like Castle Wars – if you have the gear – or, say Pest Control, in order to “get the hang” of matching your equipment + abilities and find your rhythm. EOC is not about key-mashing, it’s about knowing what combinations of abilities and equipment provide the best damage per second, and whether or not you’ve got the equipment and health to stay in combat longer than your opponent. That said, the most over-powered aspect of PVP, in my opinion is stunning – and I had a lot of issues dealing with it in ”balanced combat” mode during the most recent World Event. I was not prepared to be piled by large numbers of lesser equipped lower leveled players, all of whom could successfully stun me, despite my superior gear and skill levels, regardless of the differential in our combat levels. As a result, I had to amend my approach to combat, from that of solitary raider, to that of “raiding party member”. Once I was able to reduce the combat numbers from a 10:1 ratio to a 2:1 ratio, I was much better off.
  12. Beats me - IMO the EOC system is substantially better and much more fun to play -- and I was pretty kick ass in combat in the old system. I've spent extensive time working with other people who are more combat savvy than me on EOC, working on various combat modes and methods within EOC to make me better at it too, and I am very confident with my ability to work it. That said, I've got a number of friends in-game who simply cannot "get" it, no matter how hard we try to explain it to them -- including "guides" with "pictures". Then again, those same people sucked at fighting in the old system too, but because of the sheer bulk of their skills set, they weren't aware of how bad they were ... :unsure:
  13. I'm curious. Haven’t all other other “dead”, “dying” or “nearly dead” MMORPG games pretty much done the same thing as Jagex is doing right now? i.e. Pandering to the players in an effort to keep them happy and keep them playing, only to die (or keep dying) anyways because they cannot attract new players? They didn't "rush" EOC, what happened was that the Runescape community let them down. They brought our a new combat system and set it up in a beta mode, and instead of people using it, learning it and helping them tweak it, the community of morons stood around trading Phats and Nex gear and made themselves look pretty. The result was that they got a new combat system and pile of players without the brains, ability or desire to use it. Ultimately, Jagex attained the threshold where they had put too many resources, and spent too much money, on EOC not to implement it, and they were forced to install it in the new game without it being completely tested and tweaked. PVP is dead. And it didn't die in 2007, when Jagex terminated the Wildy in order to "save themselves from court actions being brought about by credit card companies that were being defrauded by gold farmers", either. To be honest, PVP died long before that, but it took the PVP community until *that* time to realize that the “great days” of PVP were long lost and gone forever. So they moved on. They moved on to games like Castle Wars for the thrills of killing others, and then to the Duel Arena for the thrills of making profits from killing others. The fact that you’ve tried to akin Abyss stalkers to real PVP only demonstrates that you really don’t know what PVP was all about. Despite Jagex’s best efforts, they’ve never really brought it back, and it’s not ever “coming back”. PVP was more about the community that was in-game at that time. There was a different “class” of PKer who fought with a sense of self-worth and honour – not just for a kill count. The community isn't the same now. There's small pockets of it still in existence in game, but most of what's in-game now isn't worth all this "remember-when" nostalgia ...
  14. You can already do this. Just minimize the action bar. And turn off the hotkeys ... :rolleyes: Honestly, this idea is half baked ...
  15. I'm hoping they'll get a special but that it will be unique from the D claws one. You know, it'd be nice if they improved the special on the Abyssal Whip. Frankly, I'd like to see them bring back the original special attack for the Abyssal Whip, where it used to hit for 100% damage -- or hit for nothing at all. That was consider too OP in the day, but as a lower caste weapon it'd restore some of the the utility of the whip and make Abby Demons worth doing again. The improved Whip special was useful in that it gave you a multiple attack feature, plus poison, which I'd like to see returned to the game as well. As middling weapons, it'd make these items useful to those people who cannot wield or obtain chaotics or drygores. I agree with everything you've said here, minus the making it worth it to do abby demons again Whips are like, 5k lol. Rhetoric aside, they're worth around 111k at the moment. If they were worth 5k, they'd be worth buying and alking for cash.
  16. Anyone can be an atheist if they want to, particularly in Runescape. Simply because someone claims to be a god, it doesn’t necessarily make them one. The Romans worshiped their Caesars as "gods", and these individuals proclaimed their divinity for all to see -- does that make them gods?
  17. Why not make this a genuine contribution to charity thing - you contribute "x" gold to the charity wells and receive "(x-y) / (z+q)" bonus xp to the skill of your choice which you can then earn at your leisure instead of over the period of one weekend? :unsure:
  18. I'm hoping they'll get a special but that it will be unique from the D claws one. You know, it'd be nice if they improved the special on the Abyssal Whip. Frankly, I'd like to see them bring back the original special attack for the Abyssal Whip, where it used to hit for 100% damage -- or hit for nothing at all. That was consider too OP in the day, but as a lower caste weapon it'd restore some of the the utility of the whip and make Abby Demons worth doing again. The improved Whip special was useful in that it gave you a multiple attack feature, plus poison, which I'd like to see returned to the game as well. As middling weapons, it'd make these items useful to those people who cannot wield or obtain chaotics or drygores.
  19. As someone who is, by nature, "godless" -- I personally prefer my game to be filled with as many variety of gods as possible. Frankly, it was too soon to be killing off a "major" god like Bandos (and Guthix, for that matter), and I am disappointed that Bandos (and Guthix) didn't have some kind of "saving throw" that allowed them to simply be removed from the immediate vicinity of Gelinor -- say, banished to another realm or plane or something, along the same lines as it appears to have happened to Zaros. In actuality, I have been rather disappointed with Jagex’s presentation of the “godless” within the game itself. Frankly the manner in which they present godless supporters is not dissimilar to the typical believer’s view of atheists, and demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of what it means to be able to posit one’s existence in a universe without god(s). Not to mention that, during this last World Event, they had a wonderful opportunity to allow the players to undertake a third option as “the godless”, which would have allowed us to choose to support neither of the two gods and simply play “spoil-sport” to those trying to make buildings and gather energy. I think playing under THAT option would have been great fun.
  20. Honestly – I could care less for either system. Whether you add percentages of certain skills to the mix, or take defence + highest other combat skill +2, and ignore the effects of prayer and summoning (and herblore), they’re both total nonsense. As far as I am concerned, the only number that has any significance is “total levels”. That said, if you must allot a value to one’s combat level, then you simply have to add in a value for ALL the skills which contribute to same and then add to that a number factor for armour and weapons.
  21. You make it sound like a bad thing ... :huh:
  22. I'm sorry sweetie -- ya know I love ya -- but you have to realize the naivete of this statement, right? Since when, in the entire history of self aware creatures everywhere, have the majority of said self-aware creatures involved in any conflict on a mass scale, been entirely informed as to the sources and causes of that said conflict and/or the scope of its outcome? People don't care about the "lore", all they care about is being on the winning side. "History" is written by the side that wins. I am not saying you're wrong, hun -- I am merely pointing out that this is purely wishful hoping on your part and never, ever, going to happen.
  23. I have to say that scaled combat totally sucks. Period. It’s ridiculous to have trained to max combat and made/earned top gear, only to be killed by someone in Rune Armour and a Dragon Scimmy. <_< Nonetheless, we’ve been having fun on W42 – some [bottom-headgeared] individual threw down the gauntlet on the RSOF, and made claims that they were going to chase us Bandosians from the battlefield. So, we’ve responded in game … :lol:
  24. Just for the record, Eir does use the phrase: "Spear and Magic Helmet" ... :lol:
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