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  1. How come you always come home so late smelling of liquor? :(

  2. Its interesting to note that most reports are handled in an active mod chat or via the forum. If it is something very game related... the experience and thoughts of a active player are really valued. There are times some mods mess up, but that's just part of being human and/or different backgrounds. When I was part of the process of finding a moderator... I noticed that players who play the game... want to play the game.... being a mod takes a crap ton of time and one is usually forced to decide: Tip.it or Runescape. Future mods also have thier posting habits looked at... if the forums need a RuneScape mod... staff will look at their posts in RS... where an Offtopic Mod would have his/her posts reviewed from OT. But yes.... it would be amazing to have mods who have time to be super active both in RS and Tip.it.
  3. Was amazed to see you back L! Glad everything is going well!
  4. GL Hedge. :) It's a huge project! :)
  5. Keep being awesome.

  6. Truly is a fun experience. You will get some coding experience that you could later put on a resume. :P But ya, never know, could become an admin (its where all the cool ones come from anyway).
  7. The NEW SITE IS FINALLY UP! Thanks for the 100's of hours that went into this guys! (Hilarious that the forum skin came from the design so long ago. :P)
  8. 5+ "broads"??? You frequent that many women??? You cad!!! We shall hang you for this!!! :angry: (Nah, just kidding! I understand you made a massive typo! :P ) What typo.... I'm a busy man. :wink: Stepped down from admin for a reason. N.I.C.
  9. GET BACK TO WORK YOU! :P I have wanted to see this implemented for some time now. Would be great to give the users a little more freedom, while yet limiting potential spam bots. The posting limit now is fine for someone new on the forums. Us who now frequent 5+ broads hate when we get throttled by the post limiter. :(
  10. Awesome feature for the community. Love giving our users better features for blogs/guides. Pretty soon the forum guides will be just as easy, if not easier to use than the site. :P
  11. Just saying hello. That is all.
  12. Welcome to Tip.it Mod Baker011

  13. Welcome to Tip.it. :)

  14. Oahu Hawaii is where the party is at.
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