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  1. It's their first match! They won, they scored.. the others didn't. I don't see all the bad comments towards Brasil players, Ronaldinho did not do any crazy shots or moves either... Doesn't matter, it'll come soon enough. :D
  2. It's you. I can assure that the rest of the Brasil games will be more entertaining :P My prediction: 1. Brasil 2. Holland 3. Czech 4. Cote D'ivor. ;) :P
  3. JaGeX has actually messaged us about that service once.. Basic conclusion: They won't ban people for it.
  4. So.. JaGeX Is lazy eh... I can't stand people claiming jagex is lazy.
  5. I think most of the spam created here is the spam you started with. :\ This whole thread has no use, except for people who like to make people working at McDonalds' life worse then it already is. Lock.
  6. All filled, though I wish I could remove the pages afterwards.
  7. Aye, and I don't it's really appropriate being posted here either. :P English only plooxz.
  8. Tsai

    Picture War!

    Looks like he needs something to fix that heartburn. :|
  9. Banned for having a scary dude in your sig! :|
  10. I want to say I enjoyed reading it, once agani. :D *fluffles magey*
  11. I'm actually doubting wether I should come kick all joo, I mean.. I hate CW.. but it'd be well worth it. No, actually, I'm not in doubt about that at all. I'm no CastleWarrer. ^_^
  12. Banned for acting un-nice to the jolly imps that helped us giving these uber-ugly hats and scars. :(
  13. False, though you were closer on farming (40) than cooking (90) ^_^ TPUM hates TPUM-games.
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