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  1. Eminem started to rap about MORE serious things the farther he got into his career. You don't see him rapping about ball cancer anymore now, do you? And yes, I despise G-Unit. They claim to be gangsta, but theyr'e far from it. And I heard 50 cent has a bulletproof car; Oh.. so gangsta. I don't call songs like "ass like that" too serious either... But yeah, what I'm saying is taht most of his better songs were quite a while ago, and while he has gotten more serious in some occasions (eg. toy soldiers - lot more serious approach), he is also starting to go more mainstream. And G-Unit is just [cabbage].
  2. If you've already bought them, why don't you check? :?
  3. 2pac is/was good but a little too mainstream now. Kanye is good, i like his songs and the fact that he's so 'different'. Eminem, in my opinion, used to be great but then started gettin further mainstream and just raps about useless stuff now when he used to make productive music. G-Unit, in my opinion, are just shyt. They just took the whole gansta/money/etc angle and overplayed it. To those who enjoy G-Unit, try listening to their lyrics - they're really poor. But I did like Outta Control (Mobb Deep / 50 Cent) cause it had a nice beat to it. If anyone managed to grab the new Cunninlynguists album recently, its worth a listen. I've only really heard "Nothing to Give" and "Love Aint" (and a few others), but they sound pretty good. few others worth a mention too.
  4. Not sure if we're allowed to post direct links on this forum, but this site will help you out a lot and you should really check it out if you're considering buying a laptop --> http://laptopmag.com/Tools/Guide/
  5. Well if yours is anythin like mine, then - 1) Install software using disc. You end up with a program, such as a music manager or jukebox. 2) Download songs (I really hope you know how to do this) and either drag them or place them into your mp3 folder. I know this isn't explained very well, but I honestly can't tell you how to run your mp3 player. =/
  6. Yeh, either something along those lines or reverse it, and have a 3-5 second limit on teh FIRST trade screen after the removal of an item. In other words, if both players have accepted and someone takes an item off, obviously both trade screens cancel acceptance, that already happens. But if an item is removed the accept button is 'frozen' (for alck of a better word atm) for a short period of time. Then again, this could cause some annoyance too.
  7. Just a tip - Don't work yourself out body-building. I could be wrong but from what I gather, looks like you have started your body-building and are a little too eager. This is what I have gathered though I could be wrong: Wake Up Exercise (pushups, situps) Breakfast School/Lunch Exercise (bike ride, etc) Exercise (pushups, situps) Sleep Etc. It's good to see you're designating time to build, but just don't over-work yourself with the fear that you're muscle's arn't developing in teh short-term. And give yourself a few free days (eg. work, work, rest, work work rest, wateva) for your muscles to rest out and develop. You don't want them getting tired, injured, contracting/straining, etc. Most importantly, ensure you are receiving a fit amount of sleep, the time in which you're muscles will grow as they loosen out a bit.
  8. Just for whoever suggested using machines with a gym membership - - Machines, while they DO work, will often result in an out-of-proportion body. They don't evenly build your muscles and in my opinion, arn't as efficient. - My advice is just get a simple set of dumbells/barbells, see what works well with you (using teh basic exercises), and pick one nad go with it. Personally, I use dumbells but not saying barbells are bad - give em a try too. - I suggest starting at 15 if you're ready for it, or 16 if you don't mind lettinf it off for a while.
  9. I am very pissed with Harry :evil: I don't care if it was a shw of maturity, he shouldn't ahve dumped Ginny, imo :P... The relationship was developing quite well, and I'm prety sure 'most' people look forward to seeing Harry's love life/relationships. They were enjoying. Hate how he does all this stupid stuff trying to be "noble"... :roll:
  10. The brazilian wasn't using or even holding any weapon of any sort on him at the time. I don't know how that can be compared to the "swinging of a knife" so you obviously can't read well... Also, about the comparison of an unknown randomly walking into your house, are you just making stuff up as you go? He didn't walk into a building/house/etc as an unknown or anything, he was simply at a tube station... On another note, don't avoid the censor... Anyway, back on-topic, in my opinion, here are the facts, with my views... 1) The police did not clearly state that they were British Police when asking him to stop. They said they'd shoot if he ran. Now, in my opinion this can go two ways. I would either (a) run, afraid that I was being rolled/mugged, beat, threatened, taken hostage, etc - or (B) hold my hands up and stand on the spot or get on teh ground in fear of gunfire and the possibilty of them being authority. It's not fair in my opinion, to accuse him of doing illegal business because he ran when plain-clothed police men threatened him. 2) The police did assume, which was wrong, but they did it for a right cause. Don't know what to think about this. I suppose I may have resorted to force (maybe not lethal gunfire, but yeh) if he ran onto a train (if I made teh assumption he was a terrorist), but I still really think it was unnecessary to just assume he was a terrorist :/ Again, I can't walk in their shoes too well, seeing as it was a very quick decision, but I have to say that I am against the policemen's way of thinking, but support their ability to take care of a problem (not that it was). I was going to write more but gotta go now, so I will edit my post later I suppose... Good bye =)
  11. This has got to be... The Stupidest Poster on Tip.It atm - and thats pretty hard to accomplish...
  12. I really doubt that is your first ever pixel sig. Etiher: a) You have been working on this one and other pixel sigs, and this is your first "published" sig. B) You ripped the sig, or parts of it (I hope not and I'm not accusing you). c) I guess it could be your first but it'd require a fair amount of fixing up/practising before, or referencing, etc. If it is your first, gj it loks nice. If it isn't, it still looks nice but yeh. There's a few slight flaws here and there, but the overall image looks fairly talented.
  13. K, well I guess my other post might ahve been a little too short, didn't provide much info on the sig so... Nice that it's a change from your other sigs that, although look nice, must be very time-consuming and all. Simplistic and larger pictures, I liked it 'as a change', but I have to say it isn't an "awesome" sig (which I'm sure you yourself know, as you probably wern't trying to make one). Something I also noticed i that the outlines on the mountains stick out when you are viewing the background alone. Maybe use a lighter black, or darker shade or something, not sure. :)
  14. \ Yea, the clothes/equipment and facial expression kinda set a dark atmosphere, and so the skin colour sorta sticks out - and some sections look very light in teh light. Anyway, could I ask what you are going for with the face? I'm just curious as to why you decided to design it like that =)
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