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  1. It all depends if THC or Alcohol is in my system
  2. And what does that say about everyone who lost to us? Go blue
  3. 50% of all stereotypes are true
  4. Evilperson


    disagreeable or unpleasant is what i know what antipatico to mean. . . hope that helps
  5. Evilperson


    So then you are supposing that reality includes non-existence? Aren't the two definitions contradictory to one another? I realize that is why you put it in quotation marks, but still. I guess my logic does have a flaw in that you would have to assume that "non-existence" is impossible to prove, and physically describe/understand. If something had the property of "non-existence", then it wouldn't exist and therefore could not contain any properties. Just because we haven't discovered it yet, doesn't mean it is possible to discover. Perceiving is different than ignorance/being unaware. Ps. FIX THE TITLE
  6. Evilperson


    You're right, i don't know what existance is. Existence on the other hand, is impossible to describe. For something to exist, it needs to be able to be perceived. Therefore, if you cannot perceive something, it does not exist. Thus, it is impossible to perceive non-existence. You could say non-existence doesn't exist. We can only formulate ideas about non-existence.
  7. All the mornings of football games were a drunken haze. So i don't know. Drunken dancing. Relaxing at the top of Mt.Whistler. I love that place. Snoooowwwboooaaaarrddiinnnnggggg. Emo picture. I didn't know it was being taken. It is currently my display picture on facebook. Don't let my face fool you. Michigan was winning that game.
  8. Thanks, you saved me some time so i didn't have to type out my commonsense opinion.
  9. Goddess, are you actually Liv Tyler? That is all i see.
  10. Wow, seems like people here have a long recovery time. I was eating normal food within 2 days. The thing that took the longest to heal was the fact that there were giant holes in my gums where giant teeth used to be. Food would get stuck in them. It was pretty gross.
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