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  1. Heya Tripsis thanks for the bday wishes! Life is going great these days, always nice to check out the forums from time to time, looks like things going well for ya too

  2. Thanks for the comments, glad you all liked these, here's another one: Baby red dragon :P
  3. Thanks all :) KBD - Would be cool but maybe I'll wait till Jagex updates its graphics for a nicer model, but my next few projects includes a dragon-related one :P KQ - This would be fun (both forms), definitely a nice combo Tzhaar - I definitely will make one of these soon. The spirit bird is about 25 cm tall (half the size of the Corp beast) Here's a Primal 2-handed sword :P
  4. Glad you all liked these so far :) Here's another one:
  5. Glad you guys liked this one too :P Template download has been added to main post, so feel free to make your own Boss :) On another note.. Who would win?
  6. My newest type of art: Runescape Papercrafts These are models edited in Metasequoia, then "Unfolded" in Pepakura. Templates can be found in my DA page if you want to make your own RS papercrafts :) www.misterxman.deviantart.com
  7. Glad you guys liked it, I may make more if I find more free time :P Riemis - Metasequoia is a 3D modeling program that helps with "cleaning up" complicated models and Pepakura is specifically designed to "unfold" 3D models into 2D shapes you can cut and glue together. Trojann - Thanks, maybe a paper Dagg King will happen someday :P Dire - I'm surprised Jagex doesn't sell models/figures of their game, people may like those more than the T-shirts lol. This papercraft took about a weekend to "unfold", and a few hours a day over the course of 2 weeks to put together.
  8. Been a while since I've made some art, mostly due to being busy, but I felt like trying something new this time: Papercrafts This papercraft was designed using Pepakura and Metasequoia, and put together with paper and glue. He stands at roughly 40 cm tall. Credit to Jagex for Jad's origins, hope you like this one. :)
  9. Happy new year Laila, hope all the best in RL :P

  10. Something different is on the horizon

  11. Wow, sad news to hear. I remember him as a good person to talk and work along with, enjoyed posting his art, always glad to help. Rest in peace Alduron.
  12. I am currently working on a much more ambitious project. I have a lot more time for detail on this one.
  13. Thanks everyone, I wish I had had more time I pretty much had to draw this over 1 entire weekend lol. Tripsis - Digipainting is very close to pencil drawing which is cool, so I'll keep making art that way. I'll still try to find time for some pixel art tho :P Sir - Thanks, I agree I'll try to make a funny pic sometime :)
  14. My entry for the Runefest Gallery competition for RS. This is my first digipaint, glad Jagex liked it, hope you do too. :) Congratz to all the winners and everyone else who participated, it's always nice to have these contests to push me to try new methods. I enjoyed digipainting this, hopefully I'll find more time for more digipaints. Program: Gimp Tablet: Wacom Bamboo
  15. Hi thank you for bday wishes, keep up the cool art :)

  16. Thank you sir, epic win wtf avatar.

  17. Heya thanks for the bday wishes :P

  18. Only recently read about this, took a test and got the result as an INTP. The description of INTP's was pretty damn accurate about me, specially the part about not requiring a lot to keep me happy, and always had trouble with small talk. Reading the descriptions of other types has helped me understand why others are the way they are.
  19. Cool that they're bringing the Gallery back. Nice job Tripsis :P
  20. Hello how goes it there?

  21. Hey thanks Val :) Hope you had fun with yours too :P

  22. Ah good times, I'm not very active on forums but the new mods seem to be covering the job pretty well lol

  23. Well that's a cool update. I dislike the new armor looks though, I always liked how "shiny" the cw armors stood out from everything else, oh well. Perhaps Jagex will look to update CW with new maps/scenarios so it's not the same old map being played over and over.
  24. Those are real good, you're very talented at shading, specially their hair which imo is one of the toughest things to learn to draw. The only feedback I have is I suggest trying to add a background to a piece in the future.
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