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  1. I know everyone on Tipit has one extra rune set for this in their bank. Cool idea, I'll try to make it. Das - I suggest putting the date/time in big red letters at top of post for quick reference?
  2. Brave lawyers, not afraid for their personal safety if they win.
  3. Cool work on that new pixel. Nice touch with the purple headlights. Looks like it's from one of those old video games lol.
  4. The CGI is going to ruin this again..
  5. A couple of people who visited my DeviantArt have emailed me for permission to have a my art tattooed on themselves, here's their pics they sent me in the end: I thought those turned out pretty cool. I don't have a tattoo, thought about it, but not sure what I'd want if I get one.
  6. Doesn't matter what you use, friction over time will eventually stop anything you make.
  7. Did you check that your design isn't of a perpetual motion machine that's already under US patent? :P
  8. It might be harsh to him, but this should make an example for anyone considering to hack in the future.
  9. No. I'm a pretty bad liar. I'd have to train my mind really hard to stay confident about my story, I would have to not mind lying my [wagon] off to anyone close to me.
  10. Selfish parents. Why didn't the dad change his own name? How about the mom?
  11. It's a great minigame for the reasons you said, specially the part that it takes no tutorials and you can just jump right in, easy to learn and play. There are clans made just for CW but it's a great minigame that friends can play together and have fun. I think it would be interesting if Jagex released different "maps" for CW, where you could choose to always play in the same map or go into a different map every game to add even more variety and change up your strategies. Played it so much I had to make a sig about it :mrgreen:
  12. Nice origamis, but I'd also like to see more life-like types to add variety :) How strong is the first one or is it really fragile?
  13. Happy Birthday. Here's to another 30 years of runescape? :D
  14. The topic's title would make a good shirt quote.
  15. What will drive you crazy is that even if you close your eyes, you're still "seeing" and nothing you can think of will stop your sense of sight.
  16. This is pretty interesting. Why buy games when you could just rent and rip them?
  17. Didn't like it too much. The action was alright, but the camera shots changed too often to appreciate it. The plot was a bit confusing, and the main bad guy didn't seem very evil/bad for being a Bond film, just a business guy with shady business ethics. I agree, Bond could have used more gadgets (at least his car).
  18. The N64 controller is pretty crazy. I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking "WTF 3 handles?" I still play Perfect Dark every now and then. There's just something about killing those sims that doesn't get old.
  19. Made a walker than can still move if flipped upside down :lol: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=4076519
  20. This game is pretty cool. If you like this, I recommend The Incredible Machine.
  21. I think the real conspiracy is that Obama caused 9/11 to get people angry at Bush so he could get himself elected in '08 and eventually turn the US into a socialist country.
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