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  1. Well tonight I got my first level 99 in Attack, thanks to my friends who were online to come party for it :P Thanks to everyone who supported me and gratz'd me in advance because they couldn't make it :) X
  2. Well most of my friends couldnt make it so I plan to get it this monday night. Whenever I'm on PM me and I'll tell you if I'm about to get it I guess lol.
  3. Well only a few people logged in today so trying again tomorrow whenever everyone's on :P

  4. Would be cool to find out total time played lol.
  5. Well started to play RS some again, mostly CW and training combat. This Saturday I plan to get 99 attack, and I'm inviting my friends and fellow tipiters to the party! World: 7 (F2P) Location: Cabbage Patch Date: Monday October 26, 2009 Time: 1pm-10pm US Central Time, details below I haven't set a specific time for the party due to friends being unsure of what time they'll be online that day. Basically I'll try to be online for most of the day on Saturday so that the most friends can join the party. My private chat is "ON" so you can message me to know when I get the level. See ya there X
  6. Cools, first 99 ftw. Not a lot of new art lately, but you'll be the first to know when I make some :o

  7. Well it's been a while, I'll try to catch ya ingame, how have you been :P

  8. Hello there :)

    I am good, just been working mostly. I am 5k xp from 99 attack btw, would ya be able to make it this Saturday :P?

  9. *waves back*

    Hello, yap all is good, new forums are nice :P

  10. Free cookies woot

  11. Pirated Revenge of the Sith DVD scenes from Shanghai: http://winterson.com/2009/01/episode-iii-backstroke-of-west-redux.html NSFW lol.
  12. Very nice drawing, the fire cape looks awesome. Gratz on the gallery :P
  13. Congratulations Val :thumbsup: Sorry I couldn't make it to the party even though I was looking forward to it (just got home now), something came up at the last minute. :|
  14. Maybe someone keeps changing the past and this reality we currently perceive, as being the one we've known for years, has only now been created.
  15. Here's the first song on the ipod: Well played, Barack.
  16. Scary that this passed. But stuff like this is happening - the image of Allah was censored in a new south park episode :/
  17. Really good pixel art there, you should finish up the Halo one :P
  18. I put Xavier to win it all the way.
  19. Looks like it's gonna be a cool movie. I read they're going to make an Origins movie for Magneto and Prof X too?
  20. misterxman


    Read the book a while ago, I liked how the movie turned out. The new ending was pretty clever. The music went well with every scene. They never showed how Rorschach got his mask though. You could tell who read the book in the theater when they didn't seem surprised about what Rorschach saw and said about the psych's cards lol.
  21. Article makes it seem like the video game was the only reason the kid did that. He already must have had a history of physical/verbal violence to suddenly do that act.
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