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  1. Not whole lot going on this summer.. work, hopefully more art, and vacation with family. And RS :o

  2. Gratz on the red there Laila, hope you enjoy the coming summer :)

  3. Liking the admin art there, keep it up Trip :)
  4. Red suits your sig/ava combo :P Gratz and hope all is going well there

  5. misterxman


    I interpret maturity as compromise between seriousness and humor. Life's short and it isn't going to be fun to be serious the entire time. However, this pretty much depends on how much respect you have for other people, so you'll know how to act in any situation accordingly. In OT, maturity is fairly existant, immaturity tends to be dismissed or ignored in order to let the poster know his attempts at attention fail.
  6. Been a while, all is well here :) staying busy as usual, how goes you?

  7. misterxman

    No "e"

    Not a big fan of this forum but this topic caught my vision.. Can't think of anything to post. :/
  8. Victory, you say? Begun, the skittle wars have. Gratz, I'm sure you'll do great job again, hopefully you still got time to keep up with the art too :P
  9. Nice sig, must be nice when winter snow hits over there :P

  10. Great job guys, keep it up :P Gratz Laila, have fun :)
  11. Well it's only been a few days since this update, one can only speculate about the future, best thing to do is let things run as they are now and see what happens in the long run. Worst case scenario, Tipit drops the deal and we go back to the way things were. Jagex needs this more than Tipit does. Not like Tipit ever needed advertisement on the official game website to successfully attract players :P
  12. I don't visit other fansites much but for the size, content, and community that Tipit has, I was surprised it didn't recieve "platinum" status. The one advantage to this is that it'll keep the community focused on really wanting to make this the best fansite of all. Perhaps if we did earn platinum right away, we may take our victory for granted and lose that drive that keeps us wanting to be the best. I'm sure the admins want the best for the community with this decision, we will see what comes up for us in the future in terms of content from Jagex. In the end, I'm pretty sure most of the Tipit community members are confident in their own fansite to know they don't need a "title" or "rank" to prove how great this fansite is. Jagex can rank the fansites as they wish, but the players will decide which is the best purely by which fansite helps them the best way possible through content and community.
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you all liked the new sig. :P I'm always open for new ideas and suggestions. The funny thing is that I already do own a Wacom Bamboo tablet (b-day gift from family), I tried it a bit with Gimp but didn't get into it that much. It's tough to get used to the interface, it's different from regular pencils and from the mouse lol. I don't see why I couldn't do some digipaint with it and keep doing pixelart with the mouse, what'll take me the longest time is gonna be learning all the buttons and menus of Photoshop and Gimp lol. I see what was meant tho - you can add more detail to a pixel art signature by digipaint to truly make it "high definition", but my aim is to keep my signatures strictly "pixel-art" and just improve their quality in that style. The tutorial idea - I've thought about it a few times but I'm not sure how effective I can be at making one. In my opinion, it's best to try to develop drawing through practice and learning from mistakes and criticism. I'd say half the work is just being observant about how the world works in terms of dimensions, perspectives, proportions, shadowing, and so on. Once you notice those properties in everything around you, you can plan an artwork better and the details tend to be the "easier" part since they just finish up the mainframe of the artwork. I'll see how I can most effectively make a tutorial for pixelart while still leaving the viewer room to develop their own style/techniques and learn how to improve on their own. So I want to keep making some new pixelart but depending on free time I can't say when the next one's coming. I'll just post it here when it's finished I guess lol.
  14. Well was nice to see ya this weekend :) Glad to hear you're having fun out there too, taken any new pictures lately?

  15. Hi there, been a long time, hope you enjoyed April Fools lol :P

  16. KBD sounds fun indeed, hope we do meet up this weekend.. or the next, been too long since we hanged out :) Glad all is well there tho.

    Enjoy your Saturday.. Borkial? :P

  17. Congratz, always a fun achievement, good luck with getting full gold armor. Maybe get two sets of gold armor so you can put one in your house lol :P
  18. Hi there, definetely gonna enjoy this 3 day weekend holiday with family. :) Besides that, not much else going on.

    Different time zones ftl, maybe i'll catch ya ingame sometime this weekend :P

    Always happy you enjoy my art Laila, hope to post some more soon.

  19. Hiya! Thanks, happy easter to ya :P

    All's well here, staying busy irl, hoping to post some more new art again soon. How's you been all this time?

  20. Instead of gaining XP, you would lose XP whenever you train any skill. Imagine training all day and finding out all that hard work went into losing 1m strength xp because Jagex thought it would be funny, lolz.
  21. That turned out to be a great looking pixel art piece Trip, Lol, even if you hate it, you're pretty good at it so don't give it up completely in the future :P Good luck with all your RS goals.
  22. Thanks for comments everyone :) Felix - Good idea, I did just that :P Soa - I worked on this sig a couple hours a day over a week or so. The first sig took like 1 hour lol. Tripsis - Thanks :P I do feel like making more pixel art these days. Dark Aura - I saw pixel art from other people like Jeppoz and Your_Mother and thought it was a cool concept to make RS scenes through MSpaint. Since I had previous experience drawing IRL, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to "learn" to draw with the mouse. I enjoyed it and the requests for signatures inspired me to keep improving on my pixelart.
  23. Looking forward to this series. Band of Brothers was a great show.
  24. Hello, happy birthday :P

  25. Probably just gonna do Smithing. Didn't have any goals planned for this weekend. Should be interesting to play with a timer showing you every second you're online lol.
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