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  1. so this is after about 6 months of just dumping money into my kingdom.
  2. oh ya, i forgot how dueling worked since its been so long =P
  3. Where did the ranger boots, 3 whips, and extra 17mil come from in your inv when the loot screen showed up? and grats on the duel
  4. Since The juju potions have come out ive been keeping stats on all of my farming runs of torstol. Over 565 herbs planted ive grown 5182 herbs, averaging 9.17 herbs per seed including deaths and gained about 27mil just from selling the herbs (i dont know how many free seeds i got from the scroll of life, but can only assume around 56 from the 1/10 ratio given.) i would say that you just had some less than desirable luck and the small sample size doesnt help, just keep your hopes up and im sure you will have some better luck eventually.
  5. How did you find the soak stats? i cant find any in the KB You can log on and check under the equipment interface. Ok, thanks. I guess ill have to wait until the new updates are downloaded before i can log in to see then.
  6. How did you find the soak stats? i cant find any in the KB
  7. Cant wait to see how the new hit splats look in game and how much damage soak is put on different armor pieces.
  8. Lurking is like an awkward silence. And we don't have awkward silences in /FG/. So get posting.

  9. Hey guys, So i know with the introduction of the new Juju potions the prices of torstol seeds rose and the price of the herbs fell. Ive been farming them for a good while now and still have with the new farming potion and i have built up a stock of about 1200 herbs. I was wondering if someone more market savvy could enlighten me and predict if the herbs themselves are going to A) keep crashing for the next few GE updates and then rise close to its previous price where i should hold onto the herbs for about another week or two or B) Keep crashing and stay down for an extended period of time in which case i would sell them of asap and try to get out with as little loss as possible. *I know no one can predict the future but some knowledgeable advice would be appreciated (for some reason i can never read into the way new updates affect the market.) FYI: i did sell one that sold instantly for 1.5k under med. which makes me think they might rise soon, if that helps. Thanks
  10. or the draconic jads since they r the ones tht give only herb seeds... Oh, i checked the wiki and it said the only Jad that drops exclusively herb seeds was carrion. Do you have any drop rates of Ugune from draconics?
  11. For those who didnt know, the farming juju potion stops working after you log so there is no use trying to make a super quick farming run to save time and doses. also the easiest way i found to get herb seeds was to catch the carrion jads, but that still only amounted to 5 Ugune seeds over about an hour.
  12. I don't think so, but there are rumours of a high Strange Rock rate. Thats a shame. But high strange rock frequency is a nice bonus i guess.
  13. do the charm sprites carry anything other than just charm slices?
  14. Where is it said that it's supposed to be a combat skill? Some of the familiars I use most are non-combat.Maybe it's just me, but I've found that Summoning has given me 12 combat levels since I started gathering charms. :rolleyes: Touche, lol
  15. Ive finally been online soon enough to see the system update for an update... and it only took about 7 years of more or less weekly updates. too bad i have 7 hours of class today. glad they are introducing a new way to get charms other than combat. wonder if they are going to expand it to other skills as well.
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