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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: really theres no need for the trade part of forums is there? Why hop worlds/ setup a meeting place when u can just go GE.......
  2. I believe jagex could actually edit stats, just recently at the bounty hunter update i saw a J mod 126 with full bandos including godsword. Jagex would have seen his name was hardly offensive at all thats why they message him allowing him to transfer items and giving him some free membership, if it was truly offensive they would of just banned him. Just out of curiosity i would like to see if he gets his 318 days of membership back. I think jagex would probably be aware of this particular case from tipit forum topic and this article. I believe i read somewhere that jagex tell you not to share the messages from them, i don't know if there are consequences, he may not get his 318 days because of it. If they haven't read this and he still doesn't get his left over days transfered then i think something fishy is going on because i see no reason why he shouldn't get them, other then a form of punishment for the "offensive" username. Jagex seem to be on a tyrannical mission of starting fresh for the new year! I guess it is lucky for them they are connected to Miniclip, because the 'word of mouth' thing they had going is surely crushed after the last 2 months, i wouldn't recommend Runescape after the Jan update.
  3. Think of it like this, lets say you get gang green in your leg and you have to amputate it to save your life. now lets say runescape is a body made of its players and runescapes leg gets gang green(rwt'ers), so it gets amputated, but new players will come in and regenerate that leg so its ok. If the ranting pkers quit it's basically out with the old and in with the new. The people who stay will have to adjust and the new players wont even know how runescape was. I liked wildy pkin and helping friends/random people with free stuff but now i can save up for good stuff now that i cant even go 3k under/over so i guess thats a positive out of it :P I'll stay and adjust, i wont rant and spam or complain, just offer suggestions and feedback which jagex like.
  4. the problem with "truthscape" is it is one man's heavily slanted, pesimistic outlook on anything Jagex related.....be better named propagandascape...or myviewonwhytheglassisalwayshalfemptyscape It ain't so bad, i call it going in depth on a valid point, either way there is always two sides of a fence. Qeltar has written articles from both sides and some from one, just as tipit times has. Thruthscape articles are well written, structured and at least twice the content as the times without running off topic. I'm not anti tipit times, i read both, i just like quality and Truthscape gives me that. On a side note i don't like reading like 10 words a line, it's like a pocket book.
  5. Qeltar's articles are the best, you should just replace tip.it times with links to his site :) tip.it times suck compared to thruthscapes lol
  6. yea i don't know of any other item that you can use on a player.
  7. lol what a stupid girl, well she was stupid, now shes dead...anyways are we allowed to say [bleep] here now? i read it on the post, what happened to the trigger happy mods? nah i'm just kidding, you self obsessed morons are alright :-w
  8. i seen zoomed out pics like that before, i dont think they're gunna have any further zoom out =\
  9. i kill imps whenever im passing just for the off chance i might get one, one day if im lucky...
  10. lol so true for me, except the last 2
  11. nice :D you get anything good from the clue? and i talk to stuff im fighting all the time :P
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