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  1. Did some testing @ Grenwalls WITHOUT Dxp. Raf (10%) Yakt stick (5%) Ava (3%) Crystalize is 880k xp an hour in hunter.
  2. Wot?? Did I stutter? How does one achieve this 1.2m fm exp/hr? Curly roots with crystalized i thing.
  3. Been a while since I posted. ^ b2b leg parts if you can't see (need top for 10th full leg)
  4. Yes that's with aura, also you can exit and reenter for different resourses (not sure if it resets herb timer as I wasn't picking)
  5. Anomnom shame I suck and cbf to use mouse keys was only getting 17k blood an hour :(
  6. I'm almost certain that these were initially part of Invention, yep. Definitely got changed around for the promo, but that's where the idea started, for sure. They admitted a few of the items released on TH would be used for inventing somewhere. I know Protean was a concept for inventing as well as portables. I just wonder what will happen now, do these concepts get scraped for inventing, do they get some with some kind of lesser bonus than the paid versions?
  7. Holy poop that new TH promo is op (I assume this is the place to post as it's technically tied with this week's update) If the chainsaw works as it is intented (100 charges per a recharge it stats in the article) that's 100 chops @ crystal trees for double xp, 40k xp from 1 item? I hope these are rare as hell, I guess on the plus side it's encouraging people to actually train the skills rather than just gift xp.
  8. Uhm not entirely sure, didn't get any on my nub account to test and main is comp'd More Vic Calculations: Small Protean packs not worth it: Contains 75 Hide/Traps/Bars/Planks Hide @ 99 - 20.1k total xp Bars @ 85 (99 doesn't matter) - 33750 Planks - Mahog - 10.5k Traps - Draconic - 9.75k Overall The protean planks are heavily overpriced for the sheer amount of xp you'll receive.
  9. Pulse cores are the biggest waste of xp. Xp rates are based @ 99. Pulse Core - 504xp Per Vic Point Small star - 688.1xp Per Vic Point. Medium Star - 711.8xp Per Vic Point. Large Star - 809.6xp Per Vic Point Huge Star - 917.5xp Per Vic Point
  10. As for the whole "I played X amount of games already waa" You could argue you didn't play them during the spotlight promo :P It sounds good but it can't be TOO OP I like the concept of: Minigame is in spotlight, play for spotlight rewards, use spotlight rewards for SHF/Boots So Say for example: Minigame spot light weekend 17th-20th April - Cabbage Punch, play for spotlight points for Silverhawk feathers/boots + other rewards! Wishful thinking though :(,
  11. I'll just leave this here. ;) EDIT: http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=zRiRMG9UK0M/sl=0/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?15,16,799,65606364,goto,18#173 Direct link to thread incase people are still in disbelief :P.
  12. Strange I had to do it too out of curiosity, nothing happened though.
  13. Congratulations! But true story (I swear), before I saw your signature and expecting some connection I searched for "Eva Jeffery" and Chrome KOed itself. Odd... Searched where on tipit or google :p. And thanks ^^
  14. I can't imagine it being nerfed on a weekend and they were still taking feedback as far as i'm aware. I wouldn't really expect a change till at least the end of April, unless they bring down a mighty fine nerfhammer to it.
  15. Agreed, Airuts - 800 xp 17k xp, edimmu 32k - 880xp (A boat load of quests needed too) Kalgs - 32k - 1.8k xp (can be used by op weapons, no requirements but 90dg + quests in a sence) Automatons - 20k hp - gives 700? Either way needless to say slayer to hp ratio is majority cabbaged up.
  16. I like the idea of adding in DarkLight on Kalgs as part of a Reward from Elite tasks such as Varrock/Dg. Also I can't help but feel, Darklight is ALWAYS going to be used over Magic now, why not just keep it as it is then Nerf the Xp rates you get? They also said they wanted to change these due to it "Devaluing" the drops from Kalgs: Onyx - Alch Price already it cannot do any more harm. Rune Drops - Alch Price/Spring Cleaner Demon Slayer - Practically Alch value Kalg Titles - Purely Cosmetic I don't see how any of the major drops could be "Devalued" anymore... Which brings me back to my orignal idea, Nerf Slay per kalg kill, Eddimmus give 880, have 32k lps why not just make them that xp? Would still make them a decent task.
  17. In all fairness I just spammed without looking what I need to do for the extra lamps, Worked for me.
  18. If only the updated Darklight would work on K'ril :(. Still need to test out: Kalgs/Black demons. Heard Kalgs are 450k slay xp an hour now, but no way to test as I'm 200m slay, unless I do overall combat xp/combat per kalgs to find out the kalg per hour rate then * the slayer per kill (but i'd much rather a tracker xp counter)
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk-btWGNxOo&feature=youtu.be Darklight is op. EDIT: Oops copy right, inbe4 I reupload with a remix and is still copy right cos lol youtube.
  20. http://youtu.be/Yk-btWGNxOo Darklight OP as hell. EDIT: Reuploading vid. if for whatever reason it doesn't go through the copyright again: Waterfiends ~ 600k Melee xp an hour (without Raf) Abby demons ~ 500k Melee xp an hour (without Raf)
  21. Yeah the prestige idea was kinda stupid, Seems kinda pointless to have a never ending highscores least how it is now you can reach and achieve an end goal. If they were to rise the cap however to double what it is now then I wouldn't mind (I miss slay already)
  22. Depends how much you invested seen a LOT of people get sctyhes/rubber chickens (saw 10 people on my list alone get scythe) so honestly you stand a good chance so good luck!
  23. The big cracker is just dumb Jagex needs to stop over estimating the amount of active players they have and on top of that takes into consideration how will actually do the event itself. Also thought this was cool: So the Scythes look to be rare as hell, I'm just hoping for the loot beam/buddy Also the glowing cracker = a chance of the wreath or something so that will be even more.
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