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  1. Hey guys on the 12th of May I'm going to be getting 8 99's and the Max cape, just come along anybody is welcome, my pm will be on in the mean time if i'm online, please don't be offended if i don't reply as i quite often sit in the lobby. The 99's I will be getting: Agility Construction Farming Fishing Firemaking Herblore Mining Woodcutting Saturday 12th May Varrock Area (most likely around the museum) 9PM BST, 4PM EST, 3PM CENTRAL. Not sure about the other time zones, but it's currently 12:03PM while I write this. I most likely will buy around 5m in random stuff for a little drop party (sorry guys i'm poor now) Also it'll be recorded :)
  2. Only one tattoo 5 small lamps, 4 meds (3 of which were unchooseable) 8, 50gp 2 soft clay 1 tattoo 1 double spin.
  3. If I agree I like their recent updates and say I could make them money but piss off the players at that cost do you think they'd accept me.
  4. It's not gambling? You're exchanging real life stuff for a "chance" of virtual goods, pretty sure that's gambling I like the idea of extra tickets via skilling/monsters but the buying idea is dumb as hell.
  5. I saw you doing this in my world, and i saw the other person "don't kill me, I Iz tree". Best part is me showing up at the very end, top screen :) :) Ha that's pretty cool, always knew rs was a small world really :P
  6. Moving on to the quest, I don't understand the patterns on the door any help?
  7. A huge FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU with the effigies the only reason I kept slaying past 99 is due to effigy drops.
  8. Panic buyers in the first 1-5 minutes = 500k each to be the first XD
  9. Does nobody ever think that you can still wear Comp cape even without new Firecape, then if you want the +8 strength on the comp cape you just use the new firecape on it and it absorbs the power of +8 str?
  10. Say hello to crashing boss item drops. Flasks = win.
  11. Am I the only one who sees that or am I seeing things?
  12. I think pets can as well or some of them at least. As I've seen Pet kitten.
  13. I noticed this, I also noticed if you get a tonne of xp then little to nothing after a while it goes down. So my guess is it's a TTL bar kinda thing. Because I used 3 effigys on mining and it went to half way.
  14. Katana = FAKE, it was in junk email, I'm registered to Game and there's nothing on their site or RS about it.
  15. I've owned a few I end up losing them due to gambling though :/ Damn duel arena
  16. Still to be removed: Seal game(rotate numbers 1-6 back repeat), Dung cape (Set orders, E.G Melee,Mage,Range in that order always),Classic Cape (once again always in order), Flower game(set patterns always),Easter Ring (Set pattern order) This is all they need to do I don't see why it takes them so long.
  17. Good point although GOTY isn't that special a lot of games have GOTY versions it's just a way to promote them as so many company's dish them out. but then again I might just be looking at it differently..
  18. Sorry for spamming thread, but you get grave stones at Soul wars, please be careful.
  19. Oh another thing, you can't do lava flow mining it's glitched you can't go on the bridges.
  20. Do you get KC, trying to figure out if you need to get it or not.
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