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  1. Lmao look at the mouth when you wield an achor XD.
  2. What next? Rare items with stats obviously, plus the fact you can show this off shows it has more value than the non wealdable rares in the future. Also we don't know if they'll ever be put on the SoF ever again (much like how the membership stuff was available via packages at MCM) But it's smart on their move it's going to make people with money buy spins for the mask, even if it's a week @ uncommon it'll probably have 100k of them in game (maybe less ) by the end of the week not sure how many of the other rares are in game, but if these don't get re-released these will be worth money in the future. Even if everybody is hording them (myself included) But if anybody who buys spins (like the 75 or 450 one) Would like to say how many they get so i can see the odd rate?
  3. I was there pretty sure I'm in the vid running around in my birthday suit.
  4. Valve aren't announcing anything they haven't announced already, NO KH3 due to that dude wanting to finish FF (dragged out........) No Timesplitters 4. I'm disappointed.
  5. The Ultimate reminds me of LoL maybe i'll even get to hotfix it to the LoL button as well.
  6. Worse BTS ever, remind me guys never to read these again
  7. If it's a degradeable weapon it's going to be dead content surly?
  8. I've used Howies Quick Screen Grab for years http://www.howiesfunware.com/loadSideBarMiscSoftware.html I've used gadwin printscreen since I've joined the Crew (a month shy of 4 years), it's easy very easy to use. http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/ I've got Gadwin printscreen for when I do FF scapin' just if I were to uninstall SK all my screen shots i got from it would be deleted (It's bad to say my screenshot file consists of 15,000 over the past 6 years) lol
  9. I use SK have done for years. all I care about is my screenshots!!! XD
  10. Sold a bow part for 28m if anybody cares :P
  11. Level 11 is respective? Ok then, they mentioned new armour not draconic, Meh I called draconic armour anyways lol.
  12. Na The King gives better head, Well I see it being a barrows chest loot kinda thing (kill be rewarded..etc) So maybe no 100% drop also the fact if she did drop dragon bones, I don't think one would quite cut the sheer size of her, some with black d'hide, plus she doesn't really look black, so in for hoping for a complete new RANGE armour set.
  13. I assume that video is with familiaration or w/e + double loot? As for the weekend not really one for bossing although being maxed i have the chance to lead a group of people to a certain boss.
  14. That's on BTS at the top, so Drop Increases seem likely, the monkey themed mayhem no idea what that is..
  15. The game is using an new engine, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it when i'm at MCM
  16. Decided to put them in hide as I really don't know the messages I know the last one has me getting abuse in pm. [hide=Pictures] [/hide] Missed out Herb also, meh. Now for Comp.
  17. See I honestly thought they looked like these
  18. http://forum.tip.it/...max-cape-party/ link to the party details there :)
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