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  1. I actually cant make it to Thursday's session, and I know Arch can't either, so I guess next session is Saturday.
  2. I guess. How exactly did you find this thread?
  3. I'm ready to go in an hour from now, everyone else okay with that? So 9pm GMT
  4. Session is tommorow at 5pm EST. We can start earlier if people would prefer. It was 5pm because I had something I had to go to last tuesday, and 5pm EST is pretty late for our Brit players.
  5. Nero


    I can vote for whoever the hell I wish. Socialism was the goal, communism was the result. In between the two you have a betrayal.
  6. Nero


    Socialism =/= Communism
  7. Nero


    I vote for Ross.
  8. It would be sooooooooo nice if we could get like 8 players each session, make it like a hegemony game with absolutely concrete rules that you can't bend since its with the game engine. I mean, it's not that hard at all, considering if you don't have the money to buy Eu3 complete + the expansions...there's absolutely no copyright protection on them so you can just pirate them! Playing with 4 people is good, but I want a Europe that is completely populated by players, with shifting alliances and backroom deals, all the stuff we do on hegemony, but this time we actually have a set in stone rule base and a way to wage war and expand our empires legitimately. SO, to everyone who is not Archimage, a_bert, Icuownage, and myself. Get your [cabbage] together, and get EU3 + all its expansions working with the checksum DCOA, and start playing! I'm looking at you Retech, Trol, Grim, Mather, and anyone else that has expressed interest in playing this awesome game together. GET ON IT.
  9. Well you could talk to the Bank of Sardinia-Piedmont about a yearly income boost in return for future goodwill. I could probably send you 20 ducats a year.
  10. Oh my god Archi your inflation is 20.6! WTFFFFFFFF
  11. Game is up, we'll start in 9 minutes.
  12. 9-12GMT sounds good to me. See you all on tommorow. Oh and Trol you might want to reconsider your choice of France as a country...hrmm.
  13. Actually my doctor's appt is next week thursday, so I'm good for tommorow p much any time.
  14. Well, I'll be online on steam. Let me know when you guys are all ready.
  15. Yes, that one province, which makes up about 5% of the trade value. The only means to accomplish what Archi wants to do is to embargo all of Europe and take the trade center, then destroy it. The problem is that another one would pop up in Germany within a couple years and everyone would then trade through that, starting the whole process again.
  16. You know that you can't destroy a trade center unless it has a value under 300, right? And that if you destroyed those trade centers someone would just make a new one. There's one in Ile de France as well.
  17. Austria is pretty swell, as with Bohemia (HRE), Burgundy, Norway, Teutonic Order, and Byzantine Empire Think they'll last through the next session? Most of em will no doubt.
  18. Austria is pretty swell, as with Bohemia (HRE), Burgundy, Norway, Teutonic Order, and Byzantine Empire
  19. Couple more bashes against Castille, a long and epic war against the French menace, and Savoyard vassailization of Switzerland and minor expansion, and some tension between Morocco and Savoy over the province of Liguiria. Was a good session, shame we had to end it early. ***Something I forgot, I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, so unless we are playing fairly early on in the day (like 12pm EST), I wont be able to play. Im fine with tommorrow though if that's alright with you guys. ALSO. Where the [bleep] is Mather, Trol, and Retech? I know Paul's been busy with stuff, but you guys better hurry up before we gobble up all your countries and spit them out as vassals. Map - 1427:
  20. Session in 1 hour All necessary info is on the first post.
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