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  1. Yea, this is Stark :P

  2. Yup, server 'consolidations'. Hi all, Now that the dust has settled from breaking the bots, weve taken the opportunity to re-organise the RuneScape game worlds to ensure a better spread of the playing population. Breaking the bots caused an expected drop in free-playing activity due to millions of gold farmers no longer being in the game, so we have removed a number of free game worlds. While we were at it, we also made a smaller amount of changes to the member worlds, which will make grouping for popular ingame activities as easy as possible. Additionally, those of you in Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, Norway, Poland and Sweden may notice that free-to-play worlds previously specific to your countries have been consolidated in to new, European worlds. Those of you previously making your homes on those worlds will still have a place to play, as well as the chance to interact more easily with other communities from across Europe. Rest assured that weve carefully considered the number and location of the servers which are no longer being used, so you shouldnt notice any increased server-side lag or difficulties logging in at peak times. Theres plenty of room for everyone to log on, with space to spare for new players too. If you have any questions about this, please visit our technical forums, or submit a technical query. The RuneScape Team
  3. Honestly, with the general decrease in world populations, I think the increased spawn rates should stay, or else you're stuck waiting extreme amounts of time for monster respawns. Also: Anything in the Slayer Tower, bloodvelds, crawling hands, etc. I think anything in the Slayer Dungeon east of Relleka(sp) as well.
  4. Honestly, they could just monitor account play times if the bot clients do come back. It would be like: [PlayerName] - 8 hours a day (average) Bot Nuke Update [PlayerName] - 0-0.5 hours a day (average) Bots come back online [PlayerName] - 8 hours a day (average) Lol.
  5. Can't train anywhere, but you can train farming by summoning a compost mound and using its special scroll thingywhatever to fill up a bin that you can then empty.
  6. Err bolt tips and unfinished bolts? Same with unfinished arrows/arrowtips.
  7. From what I can tell the 'Bot Nuke' went off pretty well, however most of us are noticing large scale desertion of worlds, especially F2P servers. I'm just curious if anyone thinks Jagex will be closing some of the higher numbered worlds so as to consolidate the lowered number of players. It's sort of a taboo thing though, as it has always been one of the first steps taken with a dying game. Thoughts? Opinions?
  8. I fail to see how anyone would gain anything from that.
  9. HAIL CAESAR! :salute: How're things on your end Dusty? Having fun and not dying from lung cancer, I hope! Hehe, HAIL THE MIGHTY CAESAR! Indeed, not dead yet! :D I'm taking Latin in school now, did you know that Caesar essentially means 'hairy' due to its word root? Also, there were something like twelve different names for Roman boys, along with feminine forms. Hence they had two other names, but especially in the same family you would get the same name over and over and over again. The girls only got just the one name, though, and to increase the confusion all the girls born under the same parents would traditionally receive the exact same name. Overall, Latin naming systems really really sucked, especially, I imagine, if you were a judicial worker or messenger. Indeed. But it gets a bit interesting later on when you get other culture's romanized names, such as Trajan and Hadrian.
  10. Oh master of literary prose, teach me your ways.
  11. HAIL CAESAR! :salute: How're things on your end Dusty? Having fun and not dying from lung cancer, I hope! Hehe, HAIL THE MIGHTY CAESAR! Indeed, not dead yet! :D
  12. Nero

    Gravite Pure

    Jesus christ Quyneax you're fast. 2h for pking, yea. But for training? 2h as well? I'd be able to wield a rune defender if that tips the scales at all.
  13. I know all the discussions about chaotic longsword vs rapier and which is better for what and la de da, is it the same thing for Gravite rapier/longsword? Making a weird gravite/rune pure, generally combat training will be done with Slayer + Rune Defender, if that helps to find out which one would be better suited for training. If you want to tell me to make something else and that a pure like that won't get any kills, idc take it to another thread.
  14. Energy pots are like 6gp each haha
  15. I believe it's actually 23 defense is the bare minimum with extreme def pots.
  16. I couldn't even get the Classic cape on my first 2k player list/Jan&Feb 2001 newsletter mentioned account. Lmao.
  17. Ye I'm playing again as well. Gonna build a handcannon pure for [cabbage]s and giggles.
  18. Does anyone know of a list of all the quests that give useful equipment/rewards for PVP situations? Stuff like: Bear Helm, Initiate/Prostelyte, Rigour (DG reward), Turmoil, Lunar Magics, Ancient Magics, etc, etc? Or do I have to trawl through the 300 odd quests to find some goodies?
  19. Solo hybrid DKs? Idk how crowded it is, haven't gone in a looong time, but the ring drops aren't that uncommon, and I'm pretty sure you'd clear at least 1-2m/h
  20. They already have another domain up, so this pretty much does nothing.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blpe_sGnnP4 Quyneax for the win, as always.
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