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  1. Nero is the one and only ship captain. This is fact. See, that's where you justified our aggression. Dusty was THE CAPTAIN. Up until the point where he ran away and built a super-destroyer (I told you guys since the start that we should more closely control the flow of resources), he was still in a legitimate position of command. Oi I only did that because everyone just started to bugger off and ignore missions, and instead build trash robots and whatever stupid stuff. Also, because I could.
  2. Silly analogy considering you don't even need feet to know about shoe styles...
  3. You should pass on your new minor headache annoyance headphones to intelligence agencies worldwide Mather. If only the Soviets had had this sort of nuisance causing torture device, they might have won the cold war! Upon further investigation I've concluded that Mather was not infact listening to a repeating loop of sound at 42kHz, but instead had accidentally looped this track, which no doubt accounts for the headache.
  4. Because of his hostile, cocky and condescending attitude. Welcome to real life? He could be much worse, he just plays to win. Don't worry, Mather is just jealous of me and my splendor.
  5. Yea he messaged me on Steam and I gave it to him. Was kinda surprised I still have it, but I suppose that's the blessing of a large harddrive. GL with the computer, didn't know you ran linux.
  6. Me anytime Arch posts something larger than a paragraph
  7. Updated interface is sexy. Removal of F2P from the hiscores + trade limitations to new player's accounts (for which the only way to remove is pay Jagex money?!) nononono
  8. Either or. You bot money - Perm ban You bot skills that cost no money - Perm ban You bot skills that cost money - stat reset Generally. Don't expect anything less than a perm ban if you do get caught for botting though.
  9. Been slaying a lot lately, and one of my goals is to get 99 mage, so I was just wondering if some of you RS guru's know whether alching while slaying (in combat) is viable? Does it interrupt attacks? Idgaf about cost, I could be alchhing needles for all I care. Stats are irrelevant but somebody always asks:
  10. Felt like I was playing an extremely polished Baldur's Gate 2 instead of RuneScape. Me gusta.
  11. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Lily_of_the_Valley Maybe? Idk
  12. To celebrate our continued success in the war against bots, were running a surprise members bonus weekend, with double loot in many surface-world dungeons as well as with double Dungeoneering XP and tokens. The event will run from Saturday 12th November 00:00 GMT to Monday 14th November 23:59 GMT, during which time all you spelunker-savants and Dungeoneering dervishes will enjoy the following benefits: * Double loot in the following dungeons: o God Wars Dungeon (including Nex) o Barrows o Chaos Tunnels o Stronghold of Security o Forinthry Dungeon * Double XP in Dungeoneering and double token rewards for dungeon completion. Both of these benefits apply to RuneScape members only. These events are the sort of events that weve been hoping to run for some time, but they wouldnt have been feasible prior to the recent bot-busting initiatives that have taken place. Wed love to run more events like this in the future, but we need you to remain vigilant: keep an eye out, use the reporting functions to let us know if you encounter any outstanding botting activity, and enjoy the game as it was meant to be played bot free! Enjoy an amazing weekend of dungeon delving and boss bashing. Best of luck, and we hope that when you step blinking into the sunlight once more youre saddled with swathes of cool swag!
  13. IMO libel has always been the rich man's screw you clause. So silly. Yeah not wanting damaging lies spread about your business that can cause lose of earnings is such a silly thing! I mean I'm sure if you were running a clothing boutique lets say that was your source of income and you started losing trade because people were falsely claiming you used child labour it'd be such a silly thing for there to be a libel law that lets you recover lost earnings and silence the liars... True in the US especially libel cases get thrown about like mad, but few actually are won because unless someone is outright lying its not libel. Err...are you agreeing with me or what is going on in these two paragraphs; they're polar opposite opinions.
  14. Ooh, I remember that one. It had cheat-codes for that cute little 2D-sidescroller-shooter game if I recall :P Psh Flea Circus was where it was at bro. Also, hi Andrew. You should write another newsletter for RuneScape. The Dec. 2000 one is great fun to re-read (New town coming! Al Kharid!) haha I think meili has the first two on her site still. IMO libel has always been the rich man's screw you clause. So silly.
  15. Lolwtf, these things are being sold for like 200m+. What utter retardedness. The hoods... The scythe codes...man alive.
  16. Joining a clan in '01 instead of starting my own. Such an awesome time for new clans to explode in growth.
  17. Been wanting to start up a new thread here in BlogScape, always was quite a bit of a motivator to keep grinding to achieve the levels I wanted, so here it 'tis: Stats near the start of my new character: Current Stats: Some goals of mine: 99 Magic 99 Hitpoints 99 Range 95 Summoning 52 Prayer 75 Crafting 77 Agility Quests I want to do: While Guthix Sleeps Ritual of the Majharrat The Chosen Commander King's Ransom Temple at Sennestein Desert Treasure (This is just the rough template the get started, I'll work on fleshing it out later)
  18. It was a JMod quote from the forums.
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