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  1. Only thing really workable is full veracs to hit through their defensive bonuses. Otherwise just do the standard Mage vs Dharok, Torag, Guthan, Verac, Melee vs Karil & Ahrim.
  2. Was wondering why I saw you playing CK the other day. Sounds like a good campaign.
  3. I just my fusion of regular writing and handwriting so that nobody can read what I write and I ace all my classes for having such a unique writing style. I tell them I was raised by Buddhist monks in the mountains of Tibet. Though they rarely believe that last part.
  4. I build 2 more infantry divisions and invade the Hansetic League citing the reconquest of Prusso-Saxon territory. 10 inf divs, 2 armoured divs Also can we like...sell off excess manpower? Because I have like 20,000 leftover after every round due to lack of cash..
  5. The Republic of Danizg chooses Military Perfectionism as its national idea, giving a 25% boost to soldier discipline. It also builds an army of 8 infantry divisions and 2 armoured divisions. I also pick for tech investment Production.
  6. Republic of Danzig [hide] [/hide]
  7. It's changed because nobody turns up for the sessions so I figured one day is easier to keep track of for people.
  8. I have no problem with the sessions dwindling in numbers. It was probably a mistake assuming that most people here could handle a game where you can lose sometimes maturely. It's really up to Spork and Archi. I say no, because I really don't feel like playing with someone who pulls that sort of stuff when we're just having a casual fun game. But democracy is a fine thing, and if Arch and Spork are fine with you rejoining then you can. I fail to see how ragequitting was meant to impress me. And why are people trying to impress me? That's just weird.
  9. My army isn't that big, my generals are just good. If you weren't playing Algiers I would've claimed its throne the two times I could've and forced a personal union on it. I would have been pissed if that had happened. And I would've taken out a loan and rebuilt my army in case Naples decided to invade me, and abandon my troops on sicily to their fate. I'd save rebuilding the navy until after the war, perhaps selling one of my easternmost provinces to Morocco in exchange for the funds. Point is, I wouldn't have reached the conclusion that the past 4 hours of playing were pointless and ragequit.
  10. Much more fun to play both.
  11. I'm losing 60 ducats a year, have 6.7 inflation, are at war with the biggest military power in the world (The Timurids), and its taking me a decade to gain a single stability point. Here's what would happen in your scenario: You lose the war. Big deal. You peace out, reduce on sphere of influence, or give them some ducats, or revoke a core, or whatever. Doesn't matter. Your country doesn't fall apart and crash and burn because you lost a few ships and a couple troops. I'd also like to remind you that it was YOU who declared war on Naples, not the other way around. The blame lies solely on your shoulders, and instead of taking it and saying "Alright, I learned something here, I won't make the same mistake again." you said "[bleep] this, this game screwed me over and changed my sliders around without me knowing it, Naples is OP, and this is [cabbage], I quit." Seriously? I mean, Me, Arch, and Spork have all invested the same amount of time in the game as you, and in certain cases we have changed our plans because you were there. If you're just going to ragequit the game whenever something bad happens, there's no point in you joining, or if you do we should just declare war on you right away so you can leave and we can continue playing and not have to change our strategies because there's another player country. So. Here's the choice. Man up and accept that you can make mistakes in this game, and just work towards fixing them. Or just stick to single player where you ragequitting out of a game affects only you. I have no patience for people who I wait for, have to contact to let know times and IP addresses, rehost, and occasionally have to drop what I am doing in game because they're under attack and are in need of assistance just suddenly deciding to quit for the most trivial [cabbage] reasons imaginable.
  12. The problem I see is that you seem to think that everyone in Hegemony is ruling for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden, trying to be the people's hero or something. I certainly wasn't playing in that style was I made the Fourth Reich in the first Hegemony, or the Kingdom of Spain in the medieval hegemony. You want to make a hegemony game based on your own method of play, yet you don't stop to consider that not everyone (actually, nobody that I can think of), plays hegemony in the same style as you. Everybody plays it differently, so everything should be open to do.
  13. Well I think Icu set a new record for dumbest reason to ragequit a game ever. He lost 9 galleys and 2 carracks in a war against the AI Naples and dedcided that the game had set his naval slider to 0 on its own and the loss of so many galley (9.......) was too irreversable a loss to his own economy that Algiers was condemned to a slow and painful destruction. I'm rather hesitant to allow Icu to join any games I am hosting, as I am concerned that since such a relatively small loss provoked such an extreme reaction, what would happen if he had lost 20 galleys? A heart attack? No, the risk to his health is too much, so Icu, I'm not going to allow you into any more EU3 games I'm hosting. It's for your own safety.
  14. Good. Would be better if people showed up though.
  15. Games is up. If you are late, join the mumble and let me know and we'll rehost.
  16. Session in 1hr. Roll call, who's coming? Nero - Wallachia Sprok - Sardinia-Piedmont Archi - Bohemia Dungeonal - Portugal Icu - England Paul - The Hansa
  17. I'll just jump to whatever one you're in and let you know game is up.
  18. Alright then nevermind. I'll have it hosted and up in about 15 mins. edit: Arch and Dungeonal are both going to be late 30mins-1hr, so I'm just going to wait to host for when they're both here.
  19. Myself. Should we wait for Dungeonal?
  20. Next session is tommorow, time is in the title. European powers...Bohemia, Austria, Byzantium, Norway, Novgorod.
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