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  1. Yeah 15,000 is easy beans to deal with, it's the 70,000 thousand strong Golden Horde that always swarms in that's a [bleep]. Every 5 damn years BAM. Fight fo' yo life.
  2. Yea... --- Anyways, I'm going to switch from Wallachia to Savoy. I've played a couple games now with Wallachia just to see how things go and they're generally just mega annoying successions of gang piles against me, and multiplayer wise I probably handicapped myself a tad bit too much. But! Now you can righteously fear the pink menace of Savoy! Muwahahha
  3. No such thing as fame. AI countries will 'trust' you if you do stuff like honouring alliances/guarantees, royal marriages, etc. Infamy you get when you take provinces, and the higher you go the more your relations with other countries get damaged and if you cross your infamy limit everyone gets a 'dishonourable scum' casus belli on you and you get stability damaging events.
  4. lol i know what you mean. I got too much stuff to do around the house today though. TUESDAY AT 5PM EST though.
  5. I'm good for Tuesday. Any time after 9pm GMT. I'm good for tuesday as well. So why don't we do a session Tuesday at 5pm EST? 9PM GMT.
  6. Haha, I went over England and it said: At war with France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Foix, Auvergne, Brittany, Scotland, Berry, and Orleans at one point. LOL. ---- Anyways, who's up for having two sessions a week? I'm down, and this was great fun. I'm fine with any day really. Try opening ports 1630 to 1640 both TCP and UCP
  7. Good session. Got an early pile on onto Castille, a very slow moving England (seriously finish that conquer ireland mission already!), and Wallachia doing it's stuff in Eastern Europe. Relevant area map: Hopefully Mather, Trol, and Paul will be in next session, which is the same time next Saturday at 4pm EST.
  8. Rehost for ICU drop. go to Dropbox.com log in as [email protected] pw: File is 1st save Drop that into your save game folder I believe
  9. Everything is up now. Hacmachi network to join is: TavernEuropa Password: tavern IP address to connect to in the game is (you have to be in the hamachi network though) Mumble info: Port 9862 password; ub
  10. Just uninstall and reinstall it Mather. You'll probably be missing other stuff too.
  11. #Country Name: Please see filename. graphical_culture = latingfx color = { 85 65 215 } historical_ideas = { national_conscripts merchant_adventures humanist_tolerance patron_of_art colonial_ventures military_drill quest_for_the_new_world cabinet bureaucracy scientific_revolution liberty_egalite_fraternity napoleonic_warfare } historical_units = { western_medieval_infantry western_medieval_knights western_men_at_arms swiss_landsknechten dutch_maurician french_caracolle anglofrench_line french_dragoon french_bluecoat french_carabinier french_impulse mixed_order_infantry open_order_cavalry napoleonic_square napoleonic_lancers } monarch_names = { "Jean #0" = 40 "Charles #0" = 40 "Jeanne #0" = -15 "François #0" = 20 "Pierre #0" = 5 "Hubert #0" = 5 "Étienne #0" = 5 "Hughes #0" = 5 "Robert #0" = 5 "Henri #0" = 5 "Abel #0" = 0 "Adrien #0" = 0 "Alexandre #0" = 0 "Christian #0" = 0 "Claude #0" = 0 "Conrad #0" = 0 "Denis #0" = 0 "Eudes #0" = 0 "Eugène #0" = 0 "Frédéric #0" = 0 "Gaspard #0" = 0 "Georges #0" = 0 "Germain #0" = 0 "Gustave #0" = 0 "Jules #0" = 0 "Léopold #0" = 0 "Louis #0" = 0 "Maurice #0" = 0 "Michel #0" = 0 "Odet #0" = 0 "Philippe #0" = 0 "Raoul #0" = 0 "René #0" = 0 "Rodolphe #0" = 0 "Samuel #0" = 0 "Séverin #0" = 0 "Tristan #0" = 0 "Valentin #0" = 0 "Victor #0" = 0 } ship_names = { Athis Bel-Air Boultan Bouy Chavenay Combert Courtaumont Court-sur-Couffy Cumières Fontenelle Gizaucourt Isse Jâlons Jippé Jonchery "La Cheppe" "La Croisée" "Lagery" "La Grande Romanie" "La Presle" "La Salle" "Laval-sur-Tourbe" "La Grossemasse" "La Veuve" "Le Breuil" "Le Grand-Essart" "Le Moncet" "Les Cruzis" Livry-Louvercy Louvois Minaucourt-le-Mesnil Montflambert Montigny Moussy Neuville-en-Châlois Passy-Grigny Raday "Saint Hilaire" "Saint Imoges" "Saint Jean sur Tourbe" Seigneur-Klou Souain-Perthes Suippes Tauxières-Mutry Toubiotte Vadenay Valmy Vaudemange Vraux Wargemoulin } leader_names = { d'Alenduy d'Artigoity d'Arzillières "de Balatier" "de Balayne" "de Baleine" "Beaufort de Pothemont" "de Beaurepaire" "Bellot de Ferreux" "de Brancourt" "de Brienne" "de Broye" "de Bruce" "Cauchon de Vercinay" "de Charbogne" "de Chassy" "du Châtelet" "de Châtillon" Clausse "de Coucy" "de Courtenay" "de Crécy" "de Croy" d'Espinoy "de Failly" "de Grandpré" "de Grignon" "du Hamel" "de Houx" "de Joigny" "de Joinville" "de La Fontaine" "de Lalaing" "de Lantages" "de Lavisé" "de Lezines" "de Loménie" Pérignon "de Plancy" "du Prat" "de Rethel" "de Roucy" "de Rumigny" "de Saint Belin" "de Saint Cheron" "de Sergine" "de Vauclerois" "de Vergy" "de Verrières" "de Villeprouvée" } army_names = { "Armée du Pays d'Othe" "Armée de la Marne" "Armée de Châlons" "Armée de Reims" "Armée de Troyes" "Armée de $PROVINCE$" } Save it as Berry.txt
  12. It's 5.1. 4.1 is HTTT 5.1 is Divine Wind We are playing with Divine Wind. All you need to do is ask and I'll answer.
  13. Okay, who is ready with the checksum DCOA? If not, hurry up. (Also the route we are taking you can play with a pirated version of EU3 Complet+HTTT+Divine Wind w/ latest beta). Just to let you know... ALso get Hamachi. http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/
  14. Nero


    I could add it. It's not like I don't have the resources available. I have 2 bays currently spare for adding stuff. Or if need be I could scrap the Estoc and make an awesomely outfitted destroyer, or mediocre heavy destroyer. The Estoc is just nice as a small zip around and steal/kill stuff pirate vessel though.
  15. Yea Bavaria for suuuuuuure. Need to be a monarchy to get around the 'unlawful imperial territory' [cabbage]. Looking forward to the game, GET YOUR [cabbage] READY EVERYONE.
  16. Nero


    It actually has space for a crew of 800 :D
  17. Nero


    I'll stick you on a lab on the Estoc if you'd like.
  18. Nero


    I wear baggy pants.
  19. Nero


    I wanted teh monies. I transfer 2500 Kt to Peri and 2500 to Jacques. You two can work out what you want.
  20. Nero


    Bit of a [bleep] move dusty, bah, probably serves me right for thinking you weren't playing a power hungry egomaniac this time around. At any rate, this should be interesting. Well you guys made me an enemy by telling the British! I never told anyone about what you did, what I said was that the British will be pissed if they find out that you stole a mining ship. It's none of my damned business what the rest of the crew of the pegasus did. On a similar note, what the hell happened to the pegasus? I scrapped it. I could send you some money to buy an escort if you'd like.
  21. Bavaria is actually closer and gets some decent missions.
  22. I think I'm going to go with Bavaria or Bohemia. Something in the HRE, so it'll limit my expansion somewhat. Or failing that the Golden Horde. I can't decide if the HRE mechanics are too annoying to play a multiplayer game with.
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