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  1. Wow... very nice theivng and fish, your good. keep it up! :XD:
  2. I like to do this one "selling rare black lobs" while cooking, but dont do that cuz i got muted for 6 days, saying i was iteming scamming :roll:
  3. Very cheap tshirts that has like the runescape logo and jagex just for advirtising.
  4. Ill try to come but its on the same day as the ges event unless they have changed it to sat this week.
  5. 10/10 seen u in every forum game topic i have looked at today
  6. Banned because u banned both of my clan mates :XD:
  7. Done for the night, planning on finishing my 2k salmon tommorow and doing a little slayer/def training :!:
  8. what ur quiting :cry: , and yeah deio my stats pic is pretty blurry mainly becuz i use paintbut ill get a new one soon.
  9. Finally achieved my 60 fishing goal :XD: so now time to start on a new goal!
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