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  1. That's quite an accomplishment man... I'm just soo jealous of your spotlight though. Gonna share your secret to fast leveling any time soon :?:
  2. i am "taking the time to post" ...nothing interesting to say.... :P
  3. +1 Stay focused... :shame: lol amagawd i has been quoted OMG! you've been quoted again! summonings out now val, ur thought? goona cancel one of ur goals and shoot for summoning and 138 combat? (I would)
  4. OMG, OMG, OMG *screams in real life and dies* ..must...start...training....
  5. OMG! that's awesome, that guy certainly got lucky... 8-)
  6. 997 bottles of asgarnian ale on the wall, 997 bottle of ale You take one down, pass it around, 996 bottle of asgarnian ale on the wall' ...how'd it get on the wall? :uhh:
  7. :( I want to go to the deserted town :(
  8. I repair any gravestone that I see (can't bless yet). I also see a future goal of 70 prayer for the ability to both help me and others out. :)
  9. u certainly are one of the luckiest ppl I know :roll: I guess the rich certainly do get richer...... :-$
  10. Erm, that says Jan... :| It looks like jan to some and 22/1 to others, <-- cause of confusion I think its jan though, since jagex highlighted next week in green : yeah, i'm pretty confident summoning will be released next week! w00t! :thumbsup: :XD: :thumbsup:
  11. absolutely amazing, my favorite part is the "fabruary dessert after january's main course" ooooo..... :XD:
  12. i wonder why they released it, maybe they were just bored. :roll:
  13. that's awesome, they're really torturing us not with all the teasers.
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