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  1. He asked about the forums, not the game. To get access on the forums you have to: 1 - Have access to play RSC. 2- Go onto the RS forums with the account you want access with (which still plays RSC)[/color] and go to the forum feedback section. 3 - Make a new thread labeled "RSC Forums Access Needed" or something along those lines. 4 - In the post mention that: A) That you still play RSC on your account. B) That you would like access to RSC forums. C) State that the account is yours. Eventually a forum mod will see it and pass it up, unless you're lucky and a JMOD sees it, in which case it is usually instant access to the RSC forums. Hope that helps anybody who has been looking for 'em, or looking to gain access in the future.
  2. I wish I had that left...the floppy (yeah thats right, a floppy) I had 'em saved on stopped working (POS) and I lost it over the years...there goes my memories. OT: I'd probably pay 'bout $100 as well for a last run, be it a day-week-month. Just one last go at it with others from back then would be worth it.
  3. grats :) but penguins? :S i'da saved for something a tad harder :P
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a forum based off of a game? What "flame" isn't immature and stupid? It's the internet. It's where you can be e-cool. Where? Better than 0 Thanks to all for their responses.
  5. For starters, one who comes up with "Stealing Society" shouldn't flame someone posting on that same minigame. :shame: Second off, show me where (below) I said I was the first to get it. But hey, everyone's entitled to an opinion I guess. :roll: Those are kids who are abusing glitches. Even maxed out players have a hard time topping 150k a game. If you don't believe me go to the ORSF.
  6. Saw it earlier today in a game I was in. First guy pulled up 467k and then another w/ 4.4 so I'm guessing there's got to be some type of a glitch for those. I know a guy who's maxed and he managed to get 128k w/o any interruption. As for the low rates. I asked for flames, never said I wouldn't right back. :P (Happens when I drink. :wall: )
  7. Noes. More like 18. And, the age flame is getting old. :shame: found some1 older than me? :shock: can't b more than a year. :) and this is related to rs, so the age flame, in association w/ well... RS always wins :P
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