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  1. I may actually be a tad more active now that they let us mess with player skills...

  2. 0; mostly because I don't spend enough time here.
  3. oo ok, can do :P if i can get it by itself..

  4. A screenshot of your character in game :)

  5. Oh ok! :D btw by picture, do you mean rs pic or rl? o.o

  6. I'm a noob because my combat level is still in the 40s. :)
  7. Calypsan


    Your terminology is all correct, don't worry. Even if it werent; the basic general idea is there. Glad the doctors were able to get to him in time.
  8. Just fill the form out on the topic and I'll add ya in. :D

  9. A novel? :o I want to be in it! :D

  10. A novel? :o I want to be in it! :D

  11. I'm going to be participating in a competition called Camp NaNoWriMo and one of my novels will be a story I've been pecking at for my RS character, the cousin of the royal family of Al-Kharid. The basic idea is it's retelling the story of the Prince Ali Rescue, except from a true adventurer's point of view. Including gettnig lost in various places, and meeting lots of people along the way; those people I'm wanting to be TIFers. Here's the info I need: Your username and/or the name you want in the novel: Basic general age range your character is: Appearance. Screenshots would be nice, descriptions work too: Personality: City/village your character is from/based out of: That's all. I'll be sure to post the story for all to see. Thank you all for this! :D Leik told me to post this there; so I hope this is right..
  12. Calypsan


    That wrire thing is most likely a catherization. Wiki has an article here explaining them with a fair amount of detail. He may likely be there if he's having/had a heart attack. Heart attack victims generally aren't discharged same day? Not that I'm aware of. I'm not a doctor though, I'm just going by experience.
  13. Calypsan


    I hope it all works out Maleficus, my father has had heart problems for most of my life and it never get easier to be there and know hje's going through it. Met my great uncle today. :3 It occured to me I had actually never met him before until today, only sent emails back and forth with him when I was younger. He's total Floridian, showed up wearing sandals, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
  14. You don't have anyone to consider a friend here on Tip.It? Not even the guy who came along to invite you to HYT? Well, we gotta fix this. *adds* =)

  15. Calypsan


    Work has been hella crazy. I work in a used clothing store and it seems everyone all at once is stopping by and buying a lot. .............................................. I dont think i gave that guy his change. FML. ETA -- Resolved that problem. Thankfully he told me where he worked so I called them real quick and basically said YOUR BOSS DISTRACTED ME AND I DIDNT GIVE HIM HIS MONEY
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