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  1. Wow, I love the 2016 Christmas event.

  2. Red cape, red shirt, red pants, a staff, power amulet and Santa Hat.
  3. Possibly! I believe so! Most of the Sabres only cared for skilling anyway!
  4. I am a pretty little butterfly! Woosh!

  5. This is the only one I could find again. It's of my best RS friend and I and a good look at the old free member web client too. :)
  6. Not sure if you remember, but remember the big falling out of the Sabres? The last Sabre that I know exists that still plays is Ore Sabre. She's been my friend for years. I had been a member of Sabre for 2 years before they fell out. Hey Fook, I remember you. Can't forget a name like that lol
  7. My best friend was and always will be remembered as my best friend is Alex2004. He quit mid 2006 and I haven't seen him since. Though it is a name I can ALWAYS remember.
  8. Welcome back anyway Doc, sorry if people don't believe that it is you. It's good to see you again. Where did you go though? You left us. :c
  9. There's some there I don't really get why we should be respecting.
  10. Many thanks for showing this.
  11. R.I.P Luke. I knew you for 9 years, you were the one that pretended to go out with me just for fun, you were the one that failed at pking but were always there when I was.. You told me to join that weird server of yours so I did just for you. I've had you on MSN ever since your first email you had ever made. I will miss you. I cried when I heard the news, I was in tears as soon as I heard it. I really hope it is all just a joke.. I don't want you to leave us.. If you are gone, thank you so much for the good times we've shared together, thanks for the prank skype calls and thanks for making me happy when I was feeling down. I hope you're still going to be a noob in heaven. I will miss you. Please go on MSN and apologize if you're just kidding about this.. If not. R.I.P Hugs and kisses, Beck.
  12. I myself was hacked last year by someone who I thought was my friend. They were 'secretly' gathering information about me just to steal my items which I had for over 8 years. Of course, I was in tears when I got back from a week camp. My pin was deleted in 3 days time which is not very secure.. Jagex don't give a damn really.
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