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  1. hey im wondering if i can do barrows without a big challenge, my stats are below...and if not can you tell me what all i should get and bring there. ty
  2. i get em all the time, but this friend of mine wants 94 mage and gives me bs and yews to make into yew longs for him, so it's helping me go for 85 fletching woot woot!!
  3. id be skatin more, and ridin my pocket bike tons more! and chick man gotta have the chicks
  4. smithing for sure!!! or construction so i could have everyone over for a house partyyy!!! bring the kegs
  5. is a santa hat worth buying or not? id like to hear everyone's opinions. :thumbsup:
  6. My friend is about to achieve 85 slayer and we were both wondering how often do you get whip drops if you camp there lol?
  7. bucuresti, met him while fishing lobbys on karajama, hes a mod and we stayed good friends for a long time then he juss stopped coming on
  8. Because you touch yourself at night! Why do old people drive so slow?
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