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  1. yeah ok ty. I wasn't implying that it's a exceptional movie, though I do really like it. I just thought there are at least a few scenes that warrant more response than meh :) BTW - if you enjoy movies surrounding decrepit drug culture (who doesn't right? lol), give Spun and Drugstore Cowboy a watch.
  2. Your first time watching Trainspotting? ...and your only reaction is meh?
  3. pfilc23

    Google Music

    I got accepted, uploaded, then discovered the android app isn't compatible with my phone (Samsung Galaxy...pretty popular phone). So, I doubt I'll continue to use it much until they fix that...I much prefer RealPlayer than the google music web interface. It's nice to have everything backed up in another location I guess, but I already do have it all on 2 hard drives anyway.
  4. I think that's one of the many great things about the story...so many people in a power struggle, playing their "game of thrones" while either ignorant or unbelieving of the real danger that will wipe them out if they don't eventually face it together.
  5. pfilc23

    Live Concerts

    you're really going to bash warped tour and then get excited over modest mouse? I can't imagine the life you lead. What? Are you saying their show will be boring compared to the AWESOME hardcore dancing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn0BClLVGbA WTF IS THIS? Worst pits ever..... I've been in my fair share of pits and I love pits, as long as idiots aren't flailing around like idiots. So...? I love the band, I love live shows. What. I'm not huge on Devil Wears Prada, but you have to excuse the pits of Warped Tour - It's 90 degrees to start with before you even add on the body heat of that many pubescent teens crammed together. I will now hunt for a video to defend my argument... EDIT: got one: crowd shots are few and far between, but the DVD that came with the re-release of their sophmore album shows the whole thing in like a third person view. There were literally people crowd surfing on people that were crowd surfing on people. [bleep]ing sick. @5:15 the fan practically rips the mic out of Jeremy's hand to sing for him lol this one's a little better: (start @3:02 if you're lazy) This is how it's done. Perfected 30 years ago...kids nowadays are just playing :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcspR0yCRLY&feature=related
  6. By definition, NO. Mainstream things can be hated by a minority, but once the majority hates it, it's no longer mainstream.
  7. I'm really enjoying the series so far and I'm impressed with the justice they are doing the books...there have been many parts of the dialogue that match word for word. Episode 3 was kind of a set up episode, 4 should have a lot of excitment. I'm also re-reading the books right now and am anxiously awaiting the next book, which is long overdue. It is my favorite fantasy series and I'm glad HBO is doing such a good job. I imagine Terry Goodkind is kicking himself for not holding out for better than that travesty of show, Legend of the Seeker.
  8. pfilc23


    Imagine my disappointment when clicking this thread thinking it was a discussion of Conan the Barbarian movies...lol
  9. I watch Ghost Hunters a lot and I'm always waiting for that next good piece of evidence. Sadly, there hasn't been much the last couple seasons. I don't think GH is so much rehearsed as some people have said, but very editted. Whereas, Destination Truth just seems self-hyped and frankly some of the things they investigate are just stupid. I have noticed with GH they are obviously influenced by corporate and what viewers supposedly want. Jay used to be very reluctant to announce a site as haunted, now he does every place they go...I think he was told to do that. Plus, I think Kris was asked to wear tanktops...not that I mind :)
  10. pfilc23

    Justin Bieber

    I don't think I've ever heard his music, but I've seen pics of him and I just want some to cut his hair.
  11. It looks pretty good from the trailer hopefully Yates can do this book justice...HBP was horrible! I felt so robbed at the end of that one. Mainly, I just want the final battle in part 2 to be epic. It needs to extensively cover the fighting of all the characters (not just HP and Vold) and in my opinion should be at least 1/2 hr if not 45 mins.
  12. You will... trust me. :twisted: Yeah, so much so that when you aren't playing you'll read and post about it on a forum dedicated to a different game :)
  13. pfilc23

    War Films

    A few more: Hamburger Hill The Patriot Behind Enemy Lines Enemy at the Gates Cold Mountain The Pianist I'm reading a Vietnam book right now called Matterhorn...I really hope it gets made into a movie. The story has the potential to be in the same caliber as Platoon and FMJ.
  14. My dad has a cochlear implant, which he had initially installed about 17 years ago. He has severe hearing loss which began in his early 30's. It progressed fairly rapidly to the point at which he had 4% hearing in one ear and like 7% in the other. It was a very difficult time for our entire family. It was frustrating that he would not realize conversations were going on and interrupt...obviously it was extremely frustrating for him. You could stand directly behind him and talk in a normal tone of voice and he would have no idea you were even there (to make matters worse, he also has tunnel vision). He of course learned over time to sort of read lips, but still struggled to communicate with people. Talking on the telephone was absolutely out of the question. Somehow my parents were able to convince insurance to pay for the implant. I believe it was about $40k then. It took quite a while for him to adjust to the implant. He described what he heard initially as a digital-sounding Mickey Mouse. However, once he adjusted, it worked wonders. I had already moved out of the house and when I came back to visit, I was amazed at the improvement in his hearing. Unfortunately, a few years after he had it put in, he was in a car accident which damaged the implant. Apparently, it can't be fixed and a new implant would have to be installed, but they have been unable to get it ok'd by insurance. It is now operating on like 4 of 9 "circuits". I guess I can understand a person who has been deaf their whole life not wanting to get one, but I'm sure they are still at least curious about it. However, for someone who lost their hearing, cochlear implants are truly an amazing technology. Edit: related to the disibility discussion...even after getting the implant, my father was put on permanent disability and is thus classified from a legal standpoint by both the insurance companies and the government.
  15. I was thinking maybe Dazed and Confused and maybe Varsity Blues? Of course if we want to go back a bit for the original teen angst comedies: Porky's Fast Times at Ridgemont High Breakfast Club Weird Science Sixteen Candles Ferris Bueller Better Off Dead
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