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  1. Never had a loop, and I'm nearly on 200 tasks (192 I believe) A friend of mine has managed to get 81 slayer without once being assigned a slayer creature though.
  2. We use TS but I still have TS, vent and skype dl'ed. Prefer skype out of the 3, but I think I'd rather TS to vent, despite the quality difference as TS is far easier to use.
  3. In an ideal world a pure clan would be full of people with 1 defence, but I know pure clans accept up to 30 defence now.
  4. You quoted the exact post that says you now lose armour, yet you still think they didn't mention that you lose items on death? Notice the bolded text, it quite clearly states that upon death you lose ALL your items. Back on track, about time they finally changed this. Was abit pointless before as the safe and dangerous FFA portals were exactly the same, as you didn't lose items in either of them. Unless ofcourse you were too stupid/slow to run back and loot from your gravestone.
  5. We have senior member, which is given after a person is in the clan for 6 months.
  6. Two weeks ago MM has approached vh with a war that will challenge our Raw rank. We have accepted this war. The rules were: Full Out Melee On Mage On Range On Summoning Off All Armour/Weapons on All Prayers On Brews On Fa Allowed Applications close latest on September 18th 8pm GMT If Valhalla loses, Mm claims Raw Rank MID BOUNDS Start opts for round1: Ending: Round 2 starting: Ending:
  7. Was a good fight lol, I think your lowest level member was 116, and our highest was 110 I believe, so it's no wonder you came out on top when it was matched opts. Atleast we managed to win the 3rd round, but that was only consolation as the war had been lost by that point :\
  8. Why have you made like 10 topics recently that have all been taken off RSC?
  9. Havn't actually checked out the clan wars changes yet, as I was more interested in the new FFA arena. They look promising, and I'm sure hunting clans and having random run ins will be alot of fun even if there is no loot involved. As for clan wars it's nice to have the option to toggle with certain rules, and the first to X kills, most kills after X time will make the arena alot more enjoyable.
  10. For pk trips back in the days we used to either meet at edge bank, or varrock east bank by the dummies. Now we meet at bh bank since thats the closest bank to the clan wars arena and bountry hunter. I don't understand why clans would meet ingame for promotions etc tho, do some clans not use IRC/forums?
  11. I'll stay with my clan for as long as I don't decide to get melee, but even then I'd hope to stay on good terms with them since I have alot of good friends within the clan.
  12. Can't say I've ever heard of a clan that doesn't allow swearing. We allow anything that isn't racist really.
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