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  1. By retired y guy means retarded

  2. nice rl pic let's make sweet sweet loveee
  3. Link me to nexus 2 sexus Is it gone?
  4. just did it now, a couple of days late..
  5. Crew members, and ex-crew get it Pretty much all mods, TET leaders, crew members and IRC staff can request a custom title Not events, clan leaders, times etc Also, I didn't check to see if anyone replied to this so there
  6. American law is weird, it would just pass as a mere puff in most commonwealth countries, not taking into consideration the peoples reasons for buying Honda's. Also, the article says it only works out to about $100 per owner, is it really worth it? Surely you could be doing something better with your time..
  7. Any good apps/what's it useful for? I won one a couple of days ago and have just been messing around with it
  8. Back in my day staff behaved like gentlemen, none of this tomfoolery
  9. I attended a lot of events earlier on in my time here, but after I joined a clan/started Uni I didn't have as much free time to attend them This was after a cabbage bombing event
  10. I enjoy you, and your signature quote.

  11. http://forum.tip.it/topic/307513-wills-cabinet-of-fine-blogging-and-staff-spam/page__st__100__gopid__5172108#entry5172108 I am your leader, hop to it gentlemen Also, haven't been here since page 8499!
  12. Sure feels like forum games around here..now for some cat gifs
  13. Zimbabwe and India should have their test status revoked
  14. More like Shitdia How can they be this bad, almost 4-0 clean sweep!
  15. you're so much cuter now

  16. you are sooo beautiful, to me!

  17. india fail flop faill Since no one else seems to be here I like conversating with myself, [bleep]
  18. smirkin at u cos i can

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