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  1. I had to use Skype daily for my time on staff. I never encountered any issues, and to this day haven't. Also, staff never had to download 'any piece of software'. It's Skype. Anywhom, good luck to all who apply. :) Good input Arthur
  2. Nice to see you guys are keeping the sun off your face
  3. http://forum.tip.it/topic/316080-post-all-trivial-youtube-videos-here/
  4. They haven't been able to replace N_odie, Rainy Day and myself for that task
  5. This episode better be good, I'm not studying for a really important exam to watch it.
  6. Well [bleep], I had exams so couldn't watch episode 9 when it first came out Makes me want to read the books so I don't get shocked like that again.
  7. That's a goon ban if I've ever seen one inb4introuble
  8. Does milking your teats get me on your good side?
  9. If you win three of these, you can trade up to a tier 2 prize. What prizes are included? Three sticks of gum, and your choice of a half filled bottle of sprite, or an empty can of dr pepper. Correction: The Dr. Pepper can has .25 ounces in it, due to the last winner being a whiny little [bleep]. The .25 ounces is iced tea without ice, though. Goon warnings for all. I do not appreciate you pushing the envelope like this, and if you keep it up, you will be Goon banned. Is there an appeal process? I don't mind my TIF warnings, but I really really don't want to be goon banned. When you read the fine print, you'll see that Goon bans are non-transferable. But if you happen to collect 4 authentic* tier 2 prizes, you can trade up to a tier 3 prize. So what's a tier 3 prize?
  10. Being in Goon's presence is a prize <3:
  11. I tried getting warned but didn't get any :( Though, I have some from Nic and Rainy_Day from when I was on staff
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