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  1. So if I'm trying to gain muscle as well as lose weight I should just exercise more and then eat a little less/more leanly? No, eat more just incredibly cleanly while exercising 4-5 times a week. Count your macro's if you're really serious
  2. It's just habit now, it's harder for me to type without proper grammar/punctuation. Though, ocassionally I do like to throw in the old ur jus jeluz cos i get al da guys
  3. Like Darkrick, I miss that guy :( I saw EMR log into skype a couple of months back
  4. Shut up Doomy On the topic of great threads, 'testicular torsion' is definitely the best
  5. I always have breakfast, go to gym about 30-60 minutes later, work out of 60-90 minutes then as soon as I get home have a protein shake, 2 bananas and a meal full of protein and calories, I don't really care what I eat after a work out as long as it's not fast food and there's a lot of it. But yeah, definitely eat right after a workout if you're looking to build some muscle man
  6. What type of squats do you do bro
  7. I didn't start gaining weight until I did squats actually. I always do 3 sets of 8-12 reps to warm up, then I do about 3-5 sets of 5 until I can only do two reps. I end up on about 140kg, haven't gone up in a while. You have to squat deep, yo
  8. Well, I live in Australia, so you'll have to do with Jeff
  9. NEW ZEALAND WON SOMETHING! And Punter retired :(
  10. You're missing all the cow puns

  11. Ah dude, the guy getting rejected from the high five at the end is awesome haha
  12. I've heard just doing a normal planche is mainly balance (without the pushup), looks awesome when done though
  13. It's ridiculous people can do it in 2 hours
  14. I've only had two job interviews for casual work, Coles and IGA, i got into both first time. IGA was when I was a lot younger (15) I wore t-shirt and jeans. Coles I wore a nice shirt/jeans. You wouldn't want to be wearing a suite to those type of interviews, just smart-casual. I had an interview for a placement in a law firm and I wore a suit for that, didn't get in ff
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