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  1. I didn't need a job at 16 because I was in school making an effort for my future.
  2. My God you're sexy

  3. Depends what I'm doing. For just a 3 x 8-12 I usually do around 90kg, For the last squat workout I did with 5 sets it was more like 2 x 15 warmups with just the bar 1 x 15 60kg 1 x 12 65kg 1 x 10 70kg 1 x 10 75kg 1 x 8 80kg 1 x 4 100kg <- Did that last set with someone spotting me just to completely kill my legs. I was trying to max deadlift today. I've only been doing deadlifts for a month or so, I was pretty happy to get over 2x my bodyweight out on this one, I know my forms not good, but it was [bleep]ing heavy. 160kg/352lbs
  4. I did legs today and was in a rush, so just did 5 sets of squats (15, 12, 10, 10, 8) and four sets of leg extensions
  5. I wish I could planche, looks [bleep]ing cool. I heard it's a lot about balance as well as strength
  6. Monty Python!

    1. obfuscator
    2. jimmy_jim


      "Look, let me go back in there and face the peril. No, it's too perilous."

      Monty Python and the holy grail

    3. jimmy_jim


      greatest quote ever ffs

  7. I like it because I generally work afternoons, or have Uni. I can get up at 8:30, get ready and be out of the gym by 10am then I have the whole day ahead of me
  8. I swear they just go to get perved on, all they use it the cardio machines
  9. Oh those tight fitting black pant things (jeggings?) that most girls wear to gym are amazing
  10. Yeah, I'm fretting them at the moment. I had an assignment due so I missed doing a proper back workout which annoyed me heaps, I guess I can't always make it in. I prefer mornings as well, and I usually go in the morning unless I have stuff on all day, then I go late at night after the rush.
  11. Get a big chest and bang [garden tools] from the east to the west! Also, what time of the day does everyone go to gym? What do you do if you're too busy and might miss a day?
  12. Well. I went up 5kg (11lbs) in bench this week for the last set. Never gone up that much in one go. Sticking with the 5x5 routine then going onto incline bench and fly's and finishing off with chest dips is going well. I've noticed my strength in other exercises going up as well
  13. I really really hate taking time off, I feel like shit when I do
  14. I'm going to try lunges next leg workout, I haven't done them in ages. Last couple of leg days I haven't really been sore after. I did 7 sets of deadlifts in yesterdays back workout, everything hurtsss
  15. ^ nope. There was a documentaryages ago where they traced the English royal line to the Earl of Loudoun who unfortunately died recently. Also, I love archaeology, surely there's lots of skeletons around with caved in skulls
  16. Yeah, didn't get enough sleep last night. Next week I'll smash itt
  17. I deadlifed 100kg's(220lbs) today 5 times which is the most I've done. I think my form died towards the last few reps but it felt good Also, couldn't add 2.5kg onto my bench from last week :(
  18. Ah [bleep]. Can't believe we have to wait a year now..They should've just called it season 6 instead of part two to season 5..
  19. Like the ball the Shane Warne was given out on 99.. Also, get on it http://espncricinfo.fantasyleague.com/
  20. I did squats yesterday and it doesn't hurt today :( It killed last week though
  21. Check out the second one, awesome! Also, thanks Noxx, I've spent like 4 hours watching cricket videos instead of studying now
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