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  1. Calorie surplus for building muscle, and calorie deficit for losing weight and fat. Both require high protein consumption to build and to maintain your muscle. It's that simple.


    So if I'm trying to gain muscle as well as lose weight I should just exercise more and then eat a little less/more leanly?

    No, eat more just incredibly cleanly while exercising 4-5 times a week. Count your macro's if you're really serious

  2. I always have breakfast, go to gym about 30-60 minutes later, work out of 60-90 minutes then as soon as I get home have a protein shake, 2 bananas and a meal full of protein and calories, I don't really care what I eat after a work out as long as it's not fast food and there's a lot of it. But yeah, definitely eat right after a workout if you're looking to build some muscle man

  3. I didn't start gaining weight until I did squats actually. I always do 3 sets of 8-12 reps to warm up, then I do about 3-5 sets of 5 until I can only do two reps. I end up on about 140kg, haven't gone up in a while. You have to squat deep, yo

  4. I've only had two job interviews for casual work, Coles and IGA, i got into both first time. IGA was when I was a lot younger (15) I wore t-shirt and jeans. Coles I wore a nice shirt/jeans. You wouldn't want to be wearing a suite to those type of interviews, just smart-casual.


    I had an interview for a placement in a law firm and I wore a suit for that, didn't get in ff

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