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  1. Yeah, I'm fretting them at the moment. I had an assignment due so I missed doing a proper back workout which annoyed me heaps, I guess I can't always make it in.


    I prefer mornings as well, and I usually go in the morning unless I have stuff on all day, then I go late at night after the rush.

  2. Well when your legs get too sore, you can always just do some curls... for the girls.

    Get a big chest and bang [garden tools] from the east to the west!


    Also, what time of the day does everyone go to gym? What do you do if you're too busy and might miss a day?

  3. Well. I went up 5kg (11lbs) in bench this week for the last set. Never gone up that much in one go. Sticking with the 5x5 routine then going onto incline bench and fly's and finishing off with chest dips is going well. I've noticed my strength in other exercises going up as well

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