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  1. When I last checked, Rapier is a Dungeoneering item...
  2. No offence to you, but try not to lie about the results just to prove your point...
  3. I'm still sad because the Extreme Emote's one didn't get to the finals. Gongratz to the winner I guess?
  4. Oh wow, this one actually seems somewhat likely...
  5. As far as I remember, it's ZongHui not Zongui...
  6. Dragon tutu anyone? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...That's some good stuff x)
  7. Cant you use them on empty/semi-empty vials? Anywhoo, the update is LE AWSOME in my honest opinion, people that are whining about barrage becoming overpowered, GL getting the required level for making these pots.
  8. If you cant film anything, kick Mark in the end and make a run for it, I want to see the 'Ice please' part in action :
  9. Linedancing got my vote, I loved Excl's video also. FOR ME personally, the jokes were very good and I cant stop laughing at the bank video :D
  10. A skiller friend of mine has all of the pouches, he has a combat lv of 3 so there's no way he could've obtained those beforehand,.
  11. Yay, they changed the font!
  12. Barraging rock lobbies? Wouldn't give my head on it though.
  13. i think they even had their own letter in one of the postbags They did indeed, it was one of the first ones I think.
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