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Most Useless Item on Runescape

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the most useless items are: pee hats, krackers, hawaween masks...

If you think it's cute spelling them like that, do us all a favor and hold your head underwater.

The most useless item in RuneScape? That would have to be fish food.

Are you dissing ma shivers?

I don't really care how she spells things, it's understandable. If it had confused everyone around, it would have been a problem. But she didn't. Alright? Does it hurt your eyes so much that you have to wish her death? Idiot.

[edit] Whaaaat? Didn't I click edit? :oops:
Matt: You want that eh? You want everything good for you. You want everything that's--falls off garbage can
Camera guy: Whoa, haha, are you okay dude?
Matt: You want anything funny that happens, don't you?
Camera guy: still laughing
Matt: You want the funny shit that happens here and there, you think it comes out of your [bleep]ing [wagon] pushes garbage can down, don't you? You think it's funny? It comes out of here! running towards Camera guy
Camera guy: runs away still laughing
Matt: You think the funny comes out of your mother[bleep]ing creativity? Comes out of Satan, mother[bleep]er! nn--ngh! pushes Camera guy down
Camera guy: Hoooholy [bleep]!

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Godsword. 8-)

honestly why spam...its not fun to read and its honestly not that hard to find something useless, noone laughing...


if burnt bones arent useless...

*looks through bank*

aha! empty cups(tea drank out of)

it is.. it ruins me =P

well ok.. i think that cabbage is pretty useless because it heals only 1 :-s

Wait, don't you need an empty cup to finish making nettle tea? I mean, I guess you could drink it out of the bowl, but that seems like something a 7 year old would do*. Anyhow, I'm gonna go with plain gold rings, you can't see them on your charachter, they offer no bonuses, they can be sold for some money, but then that can be said of pretty much EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME (barring quest items, and things like bronze bolts and ash, which shops will buy for 0 coins).

*(Oh, wait, this is Runescape, people under the age of 13 make up around 40%** or so of the players.)

**(This is an actual fact that I just made up. = B)

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