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~pure non pur~ im out...

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Nice i am a skiller too! Skiller ftw? huh, i like skills over combat tbh. anyway GL on all you'r goals. i am currently hitting rocks on my way to 99 mining :)




add me. :):o






You Got B00m | 248 total | Fishing atm..

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well today (5th july) was not very eventful...




I started on my logging on after being hacked, and i took a serious look at my skills.I decided i am going to mine 10k pure essence, But im on work experiance for 2 weeks living with my grampa :thumbsup:.




But the problem is im working 7:30-5:00 and when i get home ill proberly take a nap :P. so in 14ish days im going to try and get atleast 200 pure essence a day.




But back to what i did today... i got a message from ante510 saying he was quitting, :boohoo: Not the best start to the day.I was busy minning and got offered to go to fight pits... me a skiller in fight pits!!! well i came 4th in every game.. me... sam adio,pingy45,dam im dum we all teamed up as ya do, it was exciting.I then walked back to varrock and started minning and i minned about 2.5k pure essence today so im 2.5k/7.5k left.




night night all

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