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~pure non pur~ im out...

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good luck. those seem like very good goals and you have some very nice lvls. <3 your wc.




OF course that mother is badly crazy,

but I dont understand why the 22 year old girl wants to live with and have sex with the 13 year boy, just because he is lvl 126 or something?

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good luck mate, long time no talk :o




im sure you will get your goals!


^click to visit my blog! And if u got some spare hammers for my collection, i will always take them just pm me :)

5743th with cooking 99!--8 november 2006--

16361st with str 99! --15 april 2007--

35000th with Attack 99! --20 June 2008--

29524th with Hitpoints 99! --3 August 2008--

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i know, were are the others?




they all died in a tragic fire....












naw, they're still here, most of us just went our seperate ways.






I'm the only remaining pacifism member on harl0es friends list.


I have to say.


the other guys.. were kinda annoying.

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