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Clothing suggestions - Many pictures!


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Mostly obtainable through ttrails/monster drops.




Chemises, which would come in black, white, and burgundy.




For default clothing - Sleeveless top: musclebound and normal




Metal boots, with a gold, silver or silver/gold plate.




T-shirt with straps, Y shaped in the back.




All sorts of coats. Long coats, matrix coats, etc.[hide=]iqbvv5.jpgs2e99x.jpg2cs84ra.jpg[/hide]


Black armour red-trimmed.




Rate the idea(not the drawing) based on how much you like it.


Chemises:  x/10

Sleeveless top:  x/10

Metal boots:  x/10

T-shirt with straps:  x/10

Coats:  x/10

Red-trimmed blk:  x/10

2480+ total

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Alright, here's my ratings on the parts of your idea. Anything "5/10" or better, I support. I don't support anything "4/10" or weaker... :geek:








Chemises: 7/10


(Nice thought for shirt patterns. ;) ...)




Sleeveless top: 3/10


(Are you crazy? Only a Macho Punk would want this! :notalk: ...)




Metal boots: 6/10


(Something doesn't sit right about this, but I can't figure what... :-k ...)




T-shirt with straps: 0/10


(Doesn't fit the game setting, sorry. :( ...)




Coats: 10/10


(The thought of walking around like Neo pleases me. :twisted: ...)




Red-trimmed blk: 9/10


(And what about the Saradominists, Guthixians, and other groups? Or have I missed something? :-s ...)








Good luck to the success of the parts of your idea that I do support. 8-)






~Mr. D. V. Devnull

tifuserbar-dsavi_x4.jpg and normally with a cool mind.

(Warning: This user can be VERY confusing to some people... And talks in 3rd person for the timebeing due to how insane they are... Sometimes even to themself.)

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Sorry, stole your layout Devil , thought it would be easier than writing it all mehself.






Chemises: 8/10


Wow, good work I like it a lot.




Sleeveless top: 4/10


Erm, Nah...




Metal boots: 7/10


They would go greeaat with the coats.




T-shirt with straps: 2/10


Good idea, but I doubt I'd wear it.




Coats: 11/10


Amazing. I want one :cry:




Red-trimmed blk: 8/10


Good idea :P






Very very good work... I want a coat >.<

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Chemises: 5/10 Alright


Sleeveless top: 0/10 I Hate It


Metal boots: 10/10 Looks Mad


T-shirt with straps: 3/10 Nah, Dont Like IT


Coats: 11/10 I LOVE IT, I want one.


Red-trimmed blk: 7/10 Like It




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Chemises: 4/10 - not that good




Sleeveless Top: 5/10 - alright




Metal Boots: 10/10 - they look awesome




T-shirt with Straps: 8/10 - pretty cool




Coats: 10/10 - Nice.!




Red-Trimmed blk: 7/10 - not bad


thanks to mitsubishi64 who made this sig

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Chemises: 10/10 Great idea.. I really like that.


Sleeveless top: 2/10 Bleh.. doesn't really fit with the medieval theme.


Metal boots: 3/10 Already have armor boots, and the idea of wearing metal boots just for decoration sounds weird. Even though they look good, for some reason, i don't really like them.


T-shirt with straps: 4/10 Lederhosen has straps, I don't think it would look that great.


Coats: 11/10 Sounds awsome.. I'd love to have one :D


Red-trimmed blk: 9/10 Sounds like a cool addition.




Nice ideas, and nice artwork. =D>




hiimcharlie, will you PLEASE get rid of that gif in your signature? It's not even remotely funny.. :|


Thanks to Uno for the awsome sig <3

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I don't really like any except the Metal boot and Coats.




What are the stats?

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Chemists: 5/10 not really cool unless you want something for alching or a matching 99 mage cape outfit




Sleeveless: Same as Chemists unless for Strength cape




Metal Boots: 6.5/10 Gold would look good with full gilded I guess




T-Shirt w/ Straps: Ehh, 6/10 would look good with some outfits




Coats: 9.8/10 purely good idea, though only the rich people should be able to have because the coats look expensive




Red-Trimmed Blk: 4/10 not really necassary seeing as I guess only low levels would wear them

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Chemises: 7/10


They're an OK idea. I kind of like them. Maybe more colors though? I think an earth tone would be quite nice.




Sleeveless top: 0/10


Uhh, no. Just no.




Metal boots: 1/10


I think these are god ugly tbh. Maybe if you had them in different colors and not so bright. The gold could look OK in guilded, but the Silver wouldn't go with anything else. How would these overlap with platelegs?




T-shirt with straps: 5/10


An OK idea. This might be good, might not be. I am rather neutral on this one.




Coats: 8/10


I like the grey coloured one. Maybe some kind of earth tone one. A nice one that would be sort of rugged and rough would be nice. Like the red one though. Maybe a blue version of that?




Red-trimmed blk: 7/10


These could turn out good. I wouldn't wear them much, but they could be good.

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Red-trimmed blk: 9/10


(And what about the Saradominists, Guthixians, and other groups? Or have I missed something? :-s ...)


Let's call it Zaros armor :mrgreen: Uh well, I don't really think blk armor with green, white or normal red would look good, but I guess it's possible.

2480+ total

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i think this all ties in to jagex making professions, then this would fall into crafting - major proffesions and then crafting tree - tailor =P~



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