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Black Demon


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What's some good equipment to melee Black Demons? I have to kill 149 of them, and I plan to not use a cannon. If you could tell me equipment as well as an inventory that would be great. If there is a guide that would be awesome too.

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I haven't played rs in weeks and seemed to forget alot of stuff but Im going on basis of my knowledge. There are some in taverly dungeon. If you want you can take range gear and range em all safing or hally them which can be done by safing as well. Ranging works best but if ur melee is real good you can kill them easy (pots are a plus and small food for picking up good drops could be helpful).












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They dont have good drops anymore except for the occasional clue.




One of the best crimson charm droppers, probably only second to lobs and fiends.




If your cannoning best to wear as much prayer bonus gear as possible, black mask and whip etc.

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Make sure you do them in the chaos tunnels if you want charms. Other places drop little to none. Bring a couple of your best combat familiar pouches, prayer potions, and either zamorak brews or pure sets. Wear prayer boosting armour, black mask, whip+defender and pray melee.\


I usually get around 60-70 crimson charms a task.


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Yeah pray melee in your best prayer gear. Use Chaos Tunnels for some crimson charms. You will lose a bit of cash in prayer pots but they drop some nice alchable stuff so sometimes you break even.




Don't skip them though, great XP in combat and slayer.


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a godsword helps swinging 40-50s every time is fun




black mask


proste plate


proste legs


d boots


barrow gloves




rune def


best cape








3 pure sets


2 sharks


20 prayer pots




Spot on, other than...




for that many you won't need 3 pure sets, only two.




Only take 6/7 p pots, you won't need 20, and you'll want inventory space. Take nats and fires for alchs to conserve space on-task. Use chaos tunnels. Combat familiar if you can, and remember it's fairly fast to bank sooo...




Careful not to smack a dust devil on the way there and you're set. Also, careful not to click the western portal: dragon fire isn't nice.

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