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Anyone else notice this?

st1cky nub

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I do alot of art and porportions are a must when it comes down to it all, and um with this new update... ok lets just skip all of that and get to the point DO YOU NOT SEE YOUR PERSON. There is something wrong with obviously the size of our heads, but then we have another issue i dont know if its the length of our arms or the fact that we all have short legs but everyone reminds me of monkeys now. Anyone else see this or am I just to critical. I mean ya the enviorment looks amazing but come on I wanna atleast have everything right. Even before the update everything was good, Id rate it a 6 for now after things are fixed maybe my opinion will change.


any thoughts on this?



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Another broken lock? :?

Theres a fine line between not listening and not caring,

I like to think I walk this line every day.

Pinning blame on Jagex is like trying to put pants on an old man.

You both know he needs them, but he'll just keep dancing around, avoiding them at all costs.

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2 in a row is pretty funny tbh :lol:


so i herd u liek devarts?

If you look at me and feel offended by my 666-ism,think.I could be just as offended by your "cross".

[hide=This's why I'm hot]

The Eleventh Commandment:Thou Shalst only say "Amen,brother".

Amen, brother :lol:

Amen, brudda (referring to the 10th commandment)

amen Bruder! (german ftw)

I'm invulnerable to everything, except Lenin and Dragoonson.

That's impossible.


I love people.[/hide]

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Whats funnier is Runescape, and how the characters never looked right and probably never will. Its actually making me laugh out loud right here, how we've evolved from shuffling people with platelegs that look like we took a dump in them to large-headed people with stubby legs. It almost seems like its right like that, its just the Runescape way...

Metal fans, check out my band!


Still the King....

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