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Addy plates alch for 10k?


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It was a stealth update sometime after the GE was created.

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Tip.it now says you get 9984 for high alching addy plates. It used to be 7680. When did it change? And why?


It was 9984 for a very long time. I don't remember this 7680 or any other value.




As recently as last fall, last time I alched addy plates, it was 7680. It has been 7680 since I started playing, around 4 years ago, until the recent change. Glad to hear it's not a typo.

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I remember when I changed this. I just alched one again to remind myself. Tip.it is correct.




They also changed the alch values of fish, runes, potions to be much higher.


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yep if any one has 88 smithing it is pretty decent smithing because of the pl8's




addy bars are like 2.3k each




i don't see any other decent way to smith other than that for a f2p, member may be different




well maybe steel bars are pretty good too



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