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Herblore Training


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I want to train herblore, and I'm thinking of doing it the following way:




Buy ranarr seeds


Plant in a chain (4 or 5 at once)


Collect herbs


Make into prayer pots






Is this a decent way, and would I make a loss, break even, or a small profit?

Retired Tip.It Crew Mapper.

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Use Miscellania if you've done both quests.




80% herbs and 70% raw fish. The fish refund daily costs while the herbs are free xp.


Dragon Drops : 5 Dragon Medium Helmets, 3 Dragon Claws, 3 Dragon platelegs, 2 Dragon plateskirts, 2 Dragon Hatchets, 2 Dragon Spears, 7 pairs of Dragon Boots, 1 Dragon pickaxe, 10 Dragon defenders, 3 Dragon 2h swords, 1 Dragon armour Slice, 1 Dragon armour Lump, 1 Dragon chainbody, 1 Dragon kiteshield, 1 Dragon hasta, 1 Dragon ward, 25 Dragon knives pairs
The Warrior's Blog , Herblore Habitat - Efficient and profitable

[hide=Stats and logs]

.:Adventurer's Log:.


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