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  1. I use Weapon poison at Kalphite Queen, Corporeal, DKS, Fight Kiln and Edimmu. Exceptionally useful wherever possible. I use ++ variant since I've usually more need for inventory rather than a few more GP, I tried using the regular variety but the 2 mins timer p'd me off. No regrets.
  2. They said they wouldn't improve the drop rate cause they're scared trimmed Compers will have a [bleep]fit if they do.
  3. Also, upcoming D&D changes: [qfc]373-374-722-65613614[/qfc]
  4. It will be released this month. The video has a teaser at the end, and the article has a teaser including the Wizard Miznog (or whatever his name was) that will be featured in Tuska event. Prepare your bungholes everyone, it's all vs. Tuska soon.
  5. Actually, it turns out the Spring Cleaner upgrade is actually a nerf. The failure rate been massively increased (from around 10% to a reported 43% on SC9001), granted, if it fails you can still pick up the item but not having to do so was a major part of SC's appeal. It will also individually break down each and every ammo and use a spring doing so, ie: if you set your SC to break down rune items and get the 100 rune arrow drop at KQ, you will have used up 100 springs for roughly 7 runite ore and 7 logs. Ammo is also grouped with weapons so you either never break down rune battle-axes, rune spears, or break down both and lose tons of springs on arrows and bolts. Also, legendary pets are now the best thing to use at Araxxor. Don't get hit by cleaves, can hold items and even have a Ring of Life effect every hour. Pretty damn good.
  6. Even better: they literally made it even worse than the pre-DoD Darklight. That's right, the upgraded Darklight now is worse than the pre-upgrade Darklight. That's Jagex for you.
  7. He gets a little easter egg after you do the Jatiszo and Neitiznot quest. Which is called the Fremmenik Isles, if I recall.
  8. Vic is back New items: rare item tokens (2/token), mimic (250 tokens), ethereal set, exquisite weaponry (100 tokens each) Spring cleaner and silverhawk boots have been purposely left out, though.
  9. Pros for each: Ascension crossbows: • Needle strike >Dazing shot, resulting in about ~2-3% more DPS • Cheaper repair cost (base 2*2M vs 4.5M) • Counts as an all-protect in GWD (akin to Zaryte equipment) Noxious Bow: • Longer effective range (I think it's 2-3 tiles) • Cheaper ammo (Ascension bolts float around 400gp while araxyte arrows are around 180) • One item vs two (ie: takes up only one slot on protected on death, allows you to one-item in wildy relatively safely) • Stronger (which means nothing if you're using Momentum/Legacy, but if you sneak in auto-attacks during Revolution/Manual it gives you ~1-2% more DPS)
  10. It's done: [hide=Dragon kiteshield: 14 May 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon knives: 05 June 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon ward: 21 June 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon hasta: 29 June 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon limbs 1: 07 September 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon claws: 27 September 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon limbs 2: 07 October 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon limbs 3: 21 October 2014][/hide] [hide=Dragon thrown axes: 29 March 2015][/hide] [hide=Offhand Dragon thrown axes: 29 March 2015][/hide] [hide=Dragon full helm: 05 April 2015][/hide]
  11. Still not fixed. Is this even being looked into or is the team just really busy/quiet?
  12. Jmods already confirmed shark pieces won't be in this time.
  13. I wanted to let you all know that, as of writing (24th of March), this issue still isn't resolved. I'm posting because someone told me this was solved.
  14. Oh thats interesting. Now we can watch t90 items drop further :P. Only thing I can see dropping from this is Seismic, to be honest.
  15. I'm using a Maritime shipwright. The seafaring values I'm getting from the site vary wildly with the value I'm getting from the game. A few examples: Site: M:5255 C:15201 S:15146 Reality: M:5255 C:15201 S:15881 With a +1% seafaring captain: Site: M: 4697 C: 2247 S: 25906 Reality: M: 4697 C: 2247 S: 27151 Just for the record, the game says Maritime is a 5% to MCS and an additional 3% (so 8% total) to Seafaring. It's been a bug for a couple of weeks now.
  16. Few care but I've been quite busy past week: 100th reaper task done (without spending any points yet): 10 years old: Full Black Ibis (GOT ALL SKILL OUTFITS NOW (that includes Master Runecrafting)) Rex pet: Blood shards:
  17. Of course. Most ROTS FC's don't consider you taught until you've at least done 50 kills.
  18. My reaper tasks on 11 february and 12 february, respectively. It was a good reward to come back to: Today, literally on my final planned rush of the day: In your face, Poppet!
  19. Good fight for all those learning teams/parties at Kalphite King, Rise of the Six and Vorago. Who the hell would take newbs to these bosses if it costs them 1-3M every death? And don't give me that genius idea of Mod Chris L of giving players a title if they help newbs get up to 10 kills, since 10 kills won't get you in any noteworthy KK/ROTS/Rago FC's.
  20. I do hope wildywyrms are opt-in rather than opt-out.
  21. Can anyone help me out here? My Map Table tells me to focus on Ai Jei (the Skull) but I rolled the Tengu with a clue voyage and he only offers me destinations in the Loop: Dhar Pei's Vantage, Light Under Sea, Straits of the Oyster Pearl, The Reef that Lies to Mapmakers. So what? is this a guaranteed fail? A bug? A beneficial bug where I can jump ahead? EDIT: Nevermind, just after this my map table suddenly offered me two focus points (one to Dhar Pei's Vantage). How odd.
  22. No guaranteed journal card like they promised in the BTS videos? I hope it ain't scrapped because that was the card I was looking forward to most.
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