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99 range!! :D

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Finally got 99 in my favorite skill :D sooo happy right now. Also trimmed my nooby fletch cape :P




Here are some pics






I fail at taking pics I know :c




[hide=Other levels]94zs4.png








I'd like to thank everyone that ever gratz'd me and everyone that came to the mini-party and everyone in forsakenmage cc (except for the wbms) that kept me from being bored :D Rate away!




[hide=Random thing]This is teh song I listened to most of my time training, and the song I listened to when I got the level :o it's really good and I can play most of it on guitar too :P



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congrats, range is an awesome skill. Have fun with void now, 41 with addy bolts is pure win.


Those with a little bit of knowledge are more dangerous than those with none.

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